AbGram APK Download for Android Free 2024

AbGram APK is basically designed for those people who want to grow their Instagram account without getting any hassle. It is basically an automatic tool that will help you to get unlimited likes and comments on Insta photos or videos completely free.

Current Version2.01
Size2.1 MB
Released8 May 2024

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Not only that, by using the latest AbGram application, you will be able to get thousands of real and original followers on your Insta profile. But before that, your profile and all of the posts including photos, videos, IGTV, reels, and others must be public.

Only then this tool will work properly as well as perfectly.

If your profile is public, download AbGram app to Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), or computer devices without delay. Since there is no cost to use this tool, you will be able to generate unlimited likes, comments, and followers completely free and relaxed.

It is designed, developed, and released by Patwary.

AbGram Features of Abgram APK

This auto liker or auto commenter tool for Instagram provides many interesting features and functions for users. Since you will use it on your phone for the first time, so you must read the below listed features to understand what you will get.

Anyway, read Ab Gram features from here to understand.

  • Get a lot of hearts and comments on Instagram pictures or videos
  • Unlimited followers can be generated using this automatic application
  • No spam likes or followers will come as all followers are genuine
  • Safe, secure, legal, free, and super-fast to use on Android smartphone
  • It is supported on Android, iOS, computer devices, and Web version

Use the latest version to enjoy more features.

Use WefBee on an Android to get unlimited likes, reactions, followers, and friend requests on FB profile. And use the Abgram APK latest version to get thousands of hearts, comments, and shares on Insta images and videos. You can also hide IP with the ProxyDroid to use this tool now.

How To Use Abgram APK

Many people are not interested in using this mobile application because of many problems while using it. But this is no longer a cause for concern. Because I mentioned below exactly how to use this tool easily and without facing any kind of issue now.

By the way, let’s get started now.

First Method: First of all, you have to change the privacy of your Instagram account from Private to Public.

Second Method: Go to the Posting Privacy Settings and set Who Can See Your Posts to Public.

Third Method: Now, download AbGram APK from here, install, and launch it.

Fourth Method: Press the Login With Instagram button.

Fifth Method: Log in now with your Insta account credentials and allow access to the PXU token.

Sixth Method: After authorizing, get unlimited likes, comments, and followers completely free.

That’s cool.

You have learned how to use it for free.

How To Download AbGram Old Version

Many devices do not support the latest or recent version, due to which many people prefer to use the older version. Or many people are willing to use the previous version intentionally. If you are one of them, then you should follow the guide below completely.

However, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources from the Phone Settings.
  2. Download AbGram Old Version from above before the next update of this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and use it.

Alternatively, search Google for the older version.


Everyone wants to be famous in their own place.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy case overall. But if you download and install the latest version of the AbGram APK from here on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) smartphone or tablet device, then you can use it to boost your Instagram profile easily.

It will make you popular all over the world.