Aimblox Aimbot Script Download For Windows PC 2024!

Download Aimblox Aimbot Script for Windows PC to increase your aiming accuracy. This script is used to enhance aim in Aimblox game which is game mode in Roblox. The game is developed by Aim Lab Team. All you need to do is install a scripting app, we have a few apps below using which you can apply Aimblox Aimbot Script easily!

Recommended Roblox Scripting Apps

To run this script you need to install a scripting app of level 7 or level 8! You can try these executors (the most recommended executor is Synapse X):


These scripts will not work until/unless your executor/exploit supports these functions & libraries properly;

  • isfolder(), makefolder() & delfolder()
  • isfile(), writefile() & delfile()
  • getgenc()
  • syn.queue_on_teleport()/queue_on_teleport()
  • Drawing

Generally script is stored every 10 seconds, if you want to turn off this feature then use the following script,

getgenv().Aimbot.Settings.SaveSettings = false

Steps To Apply Aimblox Aimbot Script In Roblox

Once you install the executor/scripting app and attach it to your Roblox game, then the process is quite simple.

  • Launch Roblox and start with your Aimblox game.
  • Download one of the apps mentioned above, and attach it to your Roblox game. To attach your scripter, click the Attach button (button with an injection icon on it.)
  • As soon as your scripter is attached to your game, open the script editor.
  • In the script editor past the following code

That’s it! It was that simple, now your script should be working. You can notice the changes in your aimbot. Furthermore, you also have the option to adjust and customize the settings as per your choice.

However, it may happen that sometimes this script does not work or stops working. In that case, you can try below given Universal Aimbot Script. This universal script is applicable to many famous titles of Roblox including, Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Da Hood, Military Tycoon, Breaking Point, Big Paintbal, Prison Life, Combat Warriors, Murder Mystery 2, etc.

Roblox Universal Aimbot Script

To use Universal Aimbot Script in Roblox, simply copy the following codes to your script editor, and these will start functioning smoothly.

Script 1
Script 2

After using this script, you will notice that you have more customization options such as changing FOV, Gravity, Flying physics, etc.

My Roblox Script Not Working – How To Fix?

It may happen due to several issues that the script you are applying is not working, then in that case what to do? Well, you can try the below-given solutions to solve the issue of My Roblox Script Not Working!

These methods are developed by Aimbot V2 on GitHub and tested by our developers too!

Method 1: The script might not work because of a certain configuration that is not acceptable. In that case, you execute the following script,

	if isfolder("Exunys Developer/Aimbot") then
		delfolder("Exunys Developer/Aimbot")

After executing this script, restart your game. Now, your other scripts should be functioning properly.

Method 2: Go to your exploit’s root folder > workspace > Exunys Developer > Aimbot. After locating the Aimbot folder, delete this folder and restart your game.

If you have any further queries then please tell us here!