AutoSleep APK v4.23.47 Download For Android

AutoSleep APK is the most popular sleep tracking platform that can be used on iOS as well as Android devices to track your sleep quality, duration, and efficiency. And the most interesting thing is that it can be easily connected or integrated with the Apple Watches.

Current Version4.23.47
Size97 MB
Released6 December 2023

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The latest AutoSleep app uses advanced algorithms and machine-learning techniques to monitor your sleep patterns and provide detailed insights easily. By doing this, through all those data, you can understand whether you need more sleep or less sleep.

It is developed and published by Tantsissa.

You should now download AutoSleep application if you are a fitness enthusiast, sleep researcher, or simply looking to improve your sleep habits. It will help you understand your sleep patterns and make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

It has millions of users all over the world.

AutoSleep Features

It provides a user-friendly interface, accurate data analysis, and customizable features for its users. So that you can tailor the app to your individual needs and preferences. And some of the features and functions has listed in the below for your convenience.

Here are some of the key features of the app,

  • No ads so that you can use the app without annoying situation
  • Customize sensitivity of the sleep tracking or bedtime reminder
  • Track sleep duration, quality, heart rate, movement, and others
  • Easily now identify trends and patterns in your sleep habits
  • Sleep consistency, smart alarm, widgets, explore, and others
  • Noise, sleep analysis, fuel, readiness, temperature, and more
  • Set sleep goals and track progress toward achieving them
  • Get detailed insights into deep, light, REM sleep, etc. factors
  • Time asleep, rating, rings, stages, blood oxygen, and others
  • Shortcuts, adjust, history, configuration, setup, and exports

You must use the AutoSleep Android app right away if you want to benefit from more features.

In addition to AutoSleep latest version application, you may also use the free Fitbod, Rise Science, HealthBox, Up, Calm, SleepTime+, Digipill, NapBot, Sleep++, Lucid Dreamer, PrimeNap, Headspace, Twilight, Pillow, Sleep Reset, Hevy, Sleepa, etc. applications.

How To Use AutoSleep On Android

It is basically a comprehensive sleep tracker that can help you improve your sleep habits and overall health and well-being. But if you don’t know exactly how to use this app, don’t worry. Because below I have shared a detailed discussion for your understanding.

By the way, let’s begin right now.

First Part: Download AutoSleep APK and install the app.

Second Part: Open the app to connect with a watch and set up your sleep goal with your preferences.

Third Part: Sleep and keep the application and smartwatch running near your bed so that it can automatically detect you asleep and track your sleep.

Fourth Part: In the next morning, open the app to view your sleep analysis such as sleep duration, quality, and efficiency as well as any disturbances or wakeups during the night.

That’s it.

To use the application immediately, simply follow the steps above.

How To Download AutoSleep Old Version

Many devices do not support the latest or recent version, due to which many people prefer to use the older version. Or many people are willing to use the previous version intentionally. If you are one of them, then you should follow the guide below completely.

However, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources from the mobile Settings.
  2. Download AutoSleep Old Version from above before the next update of this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and use it.

Alternatively, search Google for the older version.

Quick Recap

There are a lot of sleep trackers on the Internet.

But over time, the updated version of the AutoSleep APK for Android has become most popular among users. Because this platform can track sleep patterns and provides insights and trends so that you can easily take decisions about your health and well-being.

You can also integrate it with other apps and devices.