Best Sleep Headphones For 2024: A Buyer’s Guide!

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It’s simple to get seven or eight hours of sleep every night, but it can be challenging in practice, particularly if you have a sensitivity to noise or you toss and turn in bed a lot. It’s more difficult if you sleep next to a chronic snorer, live near to a busy junction, or have a noisy house. It will be necessary for you to muffle their sounds. Although sound machines can be a useful tool, sleep earphones provide a more portable, discrete, and individualised alternative.

What are the best headphones for Sleeping?

best headphones

The best sleep headphones are the Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 headphones for their strong battery life, sleep-tracking capabilities, and pre-set sleep sounds you can use to easily fall asleep. 

Sleeping headphonesPriceBatteryForm factor
Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10$13010 hoursIn-ear
QuietOn 3.1 earbuds$28928 hoursIn-ear
LC-Dolida Sleep Mask and Headphones$408-10 hoursOver-ear
Bedphones wireless$14913 hoursOver-ear
Perytong Sleep Headphones$1610 hoursOver-ear

How did we choose these headphones for Sleeping?

We selected these top sleeping headphones by doing extensive research into the product category, as well as performing some testing of our own while considering the following factors:

  • Flat speakers: There’s no point in sleeping in headphones if they’re not comfortable — and nothing is more uncomfortable than something poking in your ears. We looked for headphones with speakers that sit comfortably in your ears and against your pillow. 
  • Active Noise Canceling capabilities: We looked for headphones that cancel or block out noise so that you can have undisturbed rest. 
  • Battery life: All of our picks have battery life that will last you through the night from six to 28 hours. 
  • Price: The sleeping headphones on this list range in price from $12 to $300. While you don’t need to spend hundreds on a pair of good-quality sleep headphones, more features come with a higher price tag.

Best 5 Sleep headphones

Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 Earbuds

A10 Earbuds


  • In-ear alarm feature
  • Tracks your sleep when you wear them overnight
  • Choose from pre-set sleep sounds


  • Small size might get lost in bed when tossing and turning
  • Not the most comfortable for side sleepers

Soundcore by Anker Sleep A10 Earbuds tech specs: Form factor: In-ear | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery: Up to 10 hours | Fit: Earbuds

Not only are these earbuds from Anker small and comfortable enough to sleep in, but they also track your sleep while you wear them. Find out whether you passed the night in a deep or light sleep as well as how long you spent awake each night for a greater grasp on your sleeping patterns.

In terms of audio, these headphones broadcast a low-volume layer of sound to muffle surrounding noises. This technique is known as noise masking. The Sleep Music Library on the Soundcore app offers 31 various pre-set sounds, including music that simulates the frequency of your brain waves when you’re sleeping.

QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds



  • Lightweight
  • Great for side sleepers
  • ANC is fantastic


  • No music playback, just white noise
  • Pricey

QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds tech specs: Form factor: Earbuds | Connectivity: NA | Battery: 28 hours | Fit: In-ear 

Using ANC technology while still having a form factor designed for sleep, QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds are like an elevated pair of earbuds. Weighing just 1.8 grams, the lightweight feel is especially noticeable against a pillow — even if you’re a side sleeper. 

These earbuds are interesting because they actually don’t play music, making them more like smart earplugs. That said, QuietOn uses advanced ANC technology that makes it easy to block out usual sleep distractions.

The earbuds have a 28-hour battery life and a frictionless fit with foam ear tips, which is ideal if all you want is silence and are willing to justify the price tag. 

LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones and Mask

Sleep Headphones


  • No light enters the sleep mask
  • Great for partial awareness
  • Nice battery life


  • Speakers could be louder
  • Charging cord is right next to your face as you sleep

LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones and Mask tech specs: Form factor: Over-ear | Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 | Battery life: 8-10 hours | Fit: Adjustable velcro strap

My bedroom looks over a busy Brooklyn street, and I can often hear the honks and skirrrrts of passing cars and cyclists while I try to fall and stay asleep. The street outside my window is also well-lit, so I normally wear a face mask to bed. This is all to say that I am in dire need of a sleeping device that not only blocks out sound but also bright light. The LC-Dolida does both pretty well. 

The sleep mask comes with eye cups that truly block out any light in your field of vision, which I love. And the flat headphones hover over your ears. They aren’t notably immersive, but they dampen most sounds if you raise the volume high enough. I like to listen to brown noise playlists with these on to fall asleep, and I can confidently say I’m out in minutes when I have these on. Plus, the battery life is substantial. I can wear these for two nights straight without them dying on me. 

Bedphones Wireless

Bedphones Wireless headphones


  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable for side sleepers
  • Cable slider and adjustable hooks ensure a secure fit all night


  • Expensive

Bedphones Wireless tech specs: Form factor: Over-ear | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery life: 13 hours | Fit: Adjustable ear hooks

If you want headphones made for sleeping, look no further than the Bedphones. These headphones were designed with side sleepers in mind, as the speakers are thin and covered in soft foam padding. They lay flat against your ears while you listen to soothing sounds.

The adjustable memory wire ear hooks allow these sleeping headphones to fit all ears. While wireless, a cable connects the two drivers, and you can wear the cable in front of or behind your neck and tighten the cable slider to ensure the headphones stay secure even on restless nights.

The 13-hour battery life and inline microphone with a single-button remote are also impressive features. 

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Perytong Sleep Headphones

Perytong Sleep Headphones


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • No auto-off feature
  • Volume can be loud even on the lowest setting

Perytong Sleep Headphones tech specs: Form factor: On-ear | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery life: 10 hours | Fit: Headband

This headband headphone design from Perytong is a more budget-friendly option for sleeping headphones. The headband is made of soft, machine-washable, breathable material and features detachable on-ear headphones that can comfortably fit back and side sleepers.

The headband holds a decent battery life that lasts 10 hours per full charge and comes in more than 15 color options. These sleeping headphones can also work well for listening to music while you run or for zoning out while you meditate. 

Can you sleep well with noise-canceling headphones?

Noise-canceling headphones are great for sleeping since they have built-in technology that virtually blocks out any noise in your bedroom, making it easier to fall asleep in silence.

However, noise-canceling headphones for sleeping are not the best option in the case of an emergency since you’re essentially tuned out to the world — especially if you already consider yourself a heavy sleeper. 

How we tested

We understand that anything that helps us sleep is subjective, and if you live in a city or anywhere with lots of outside noise, sleep next to a partner who snores or breathes heavily or have a health issue like tinnitus, you may need more help than others. To find the best pair of sleep headphones, we compared four different pairs to see if they would help induce a better slumber.

While any headphones could be used for listening to meditation or white noise content, we focused on headphones specifically intended as sleep aids, and on the latest true-wireless earbud-style products, which use very low-profile designs to provide the most comfortable sleeping experience. We didn’t look at headband-style sleep headphones like Moita Headband Headphones for this piece, but will examine those in the future.

For us, specifically, we approached these products with the goal of blocking out the general noises of downtown Brooklyn as well as our husband’s snoring. We spent at least three nights sleeping with each product. Before we started, we downloaded and created accounts for each one’s compatible app, experimented with each app’s features and charged and connected each headphone to our phone using Bluetooth.

We tested fit by lying on our side and our back before we went to sleep to see if the headphones became dislodged in any sleeping position. We also tested for noise isolation, range of sounds and usability. While usually we don’t have much of a problem getting to sleep, we tend to wake up and have difficulties getting back to sleep. For the three products that included a companion app with audio, we listened to a range of sounds for each headphone and decided to stick to available variations on a crashing waves sound at a medium-to-low volume for our nighttime testing. To assess how well the earbuds blocked external sound, we also listened to a dryer cycle and a CNN newscast on modest volume with each pair in our ears.

How to Choose the best sleep headphones



Being comfortable in bed is key to falling asleep. So, when choosing the best headphones for sleep, find one that doesn’t get in the way of your comfort. Better yet, find the kind of headphones that suits the way you sleep. If you’re a side-sleeper, you might prefer a headband that’s not only thin enough, but also has plush padding around the speakers so your ears won’t suffer. If your body temperature tends to rise during sleep, a pair of earbuds might be a better option to help you stay cool. And if you move around a lot, perhaps you should skip the wired options altogether.


Much like regular headphones, the best headphones for sleeping come in wired and wireless options. Wireless ones are, perhaps, the most ideal, as you won’t have to worry about getting tangled in cables whilst you’re off to slumberland. However, if you tend to stay in the same position when sleeping, the 3.5mm audio route might just give you better audio quality.

Battery life

If you do pick a wireless pair of headphones, make sure to check its battery’s longevity as well as charging time. You only technically need 8 hours of battery life to get a full night’s sleep, and many headphones for sleep offer up to 10 hours and take about two to three hours to charge. If you prefer not to charge your headphones every single day, you might want to look for something with up to 20 hours of battery life.


Most sleep headphones today aren’t as feature-rich as regular headphones. However, there are a few bells and whistles that might prove instrumental to getting you that good night’s rest you’ve been missing. That includes active noise cancellation, relaxation sounds that you can play through an app, and an included eye mask. If you have sensitive skin, choose a mask that is hypoallergenic or moisture-wicking.


Buyer’s Guide to the Best Sleep Headphones for 2024 has illuminated the forefront of sleep technology, offering a curated selection of immersive sound solutions. From advanced features to unparalleled comfort, these headphones redefine the sleep experience. Embrace the future of restfulness and enhance your nights with the perfect companion for tranquil sleep.

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