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Download Custom Resolution Utility, or CRU, is a utility application developed by ToastyX. This free tool lets users adjust the resolution of their monitor, as the name suggests. Changes to monitor sizes cannot be made; only resolutions can be added. Smaller resolutions will be scaled up, but higher resolutions won’t be reduced.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that Intel GPUs are incompatible with EDID overrides, which means that AMD/ATI or NVIDIA GPUs are the only ones that can use the CRU . This also explains why the programs won’t work on laptops with switchable graphics.

Technical Specification of Custom Resolution Utility:-

NameCustom Resolution Utility
 Operating System Window

Features of Custom Resolution Utility

  • AMD/ATI’s driver also listens to the TMDS clock limit in the HDMI support data block.
  • Detailed resolutions are the preferred way to add custom resolutions.
  • HDMI is treated as single-link DVI unless an HDMI support data block is defined in the first extension block.
  • HDMI limits depend on the graphics card.
  • Passive DisplayPort to HDMI adapters are limited to 165 MHz unless the driver is patched.
  • The first detailed resolution is considered the preferred or native resolution.

The operation of the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)

You can view and adjust the resolutions specified by your display using the CRU. You have the option to delete any resolutions you choose not to utilize in addition to adding new ones. In addition, you’ll be able to adjust the FreeSync ranges and achieve a great deal more. Rather than adding scaled resolutions, monitor resolutions are added using the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU). Use the graphics driver’s control panel to increase the resolution to the monitor’s native resolution instead of using lower ones. On a laptop display, scaling non-native resolutions is usually not possible.

custom resolution utility

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Requirements to use Custom Resolution Utility (CRU):-

EDID overrides are not supported by Windows XP; Windows Vista or later is required.
When the proper driver is loaded, an AMD/ATI or NVIDIA GPU can be used (the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver does not support EDID overrides).

The following drivers are compatible with laptops that have Intel GPUs and switchable graphics:
The most recent drivers support more modern Intel GPUs.

  • Windows driver for the sixth generation (Skylake) of Intel graphics [15.45]
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows, Haswell/Broadwell [15.40] Generations Four and Five
  • Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8.1, Haswell (fourth generation) [15.36]

The second method outlined below is the only other way to support earlier Intel GPUs for external screens.

Learn how to use a recovery disk to boot into safe mode in case you can’t see the screen before making any modifications. Holding down the power button during Windows bootup allows you to turn off the computer if you don’t have a recovery drive. After performing this twice, you ought to have recovery choices that allow you to enter safe mode: Select Troubleshoot >. Select Advanced > Startup Configuration > Start over


When everything is said and done, the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) offers a flexible method of optimizing display settings. Users can add and change resolutions with CRU to customize their viewing experience. Modifying resolution parameters is made easier by CRU’s extensive feature set and user-friendly interface. Moreover, the tool’s versatility and wide range of applications are ensured by its interoperability with various hardware configurations. When everything is said and done, CRU is an excellent tool for enhancing the visual appeal and usability of computer screens and monitors. Because of its vast feature set and simple settings that allow users to customize their viewing experience, CRU is an essential tool for both novice and expert users.

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