Download Shareme APK For Android To Share Anything-Free!

Download Shareme APK for file transfers. Sharing can happen faster using the ShareMe APK than they do with Bluetooth or even standard WiFi.
ShareMe allows file transfers across Android handsets, regardless of the brand or Android version on each device. Although this software was developed by Xiaomi, it is compatible with devices made by any manufacturer.
ShareMe allows you to transfer any kind of anything, including movies, music files, programs, and folders. Selecting the file or files you want to send and waiting for the recipient to download them just takes a few seconds.

Installing ShareMe on any Android smartphone that is compatible is all that is required to begin quickly and easily sharing data across them.

Features of ShareMe APK :-

Shareme APK free of adverts

ShareMe is 200 times faster than competing Bluetooth transferring apps. The maximum speed on ShareMe is 50 Mbps. This is faster than Bluetooth. Exchange of large files with large capacities is easy. It is simply not possible to share massive files with other data transfer apps in a couple of seconds. Nevertheless, ShareMe allows you to transmit any file in any capacity in a matter of seconds.

Large range of file formats are supported: Shareme APK transfers quite swiftly.

Users can trade and transfer a wide range of file kinds, including music, pictures, documents, movies, PDFs, apps, and other data types, with this file-transferring tool.

Sending and receiving huge files with tremendous capacity just takes a few seconds. These kinds of files don’t lock your phone when you share them. Thus, the transmission of those data will only take a few seconds.

Sharing several files with a single tap is possible. You can send several files and folders at once. This feature will be useful to the user since it can deliver files simultaneously and save time by removing the requirement to send files and folders one at a time.

High-definition videos, such as HD and Ultra HD, can be shared using Share Me. There won’t be any quality reduction when the other person gets the videos. The films can therefore be viewed in high definition by the recipient of the videos.

Any type of video format—png, jpg, BMP, raw, etc.—can be moved across devices without sacrificing quality or compression. Furthermore, you can use Share Me to send and receive any unique file format, such as HTML pages, Adobe files, iOS photos, and many more.

Technical Specification Of Shareme APK :-

 PublisherXiaomi Inc.
 Operating SystemAndroid
 Size35.8 MB
 Category General

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How To Install Shareme APK:-

You need enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
1. Click on the above link to download Shareme APK.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away.

Shareme APK

Use shareme to exchange files without an internet connection.

You can transfer files using transfer Me without requiring an internet connection or mobile data. You can send and receive files and folders using Share Me’s peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfer feature even when you’re not online. You can send and receive files or data at any time and from any location with the help of this capability.

All platforms are compatible with ShareMe: Shareme in further contexts

Numerous operating systems, including as Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android, are compatible with ShareMe. Android devices from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, LG, RealMe, and many more are especially compatible with it.

Most data transfer applications make it quite difficult to share files across platforms; however, ShareMe makes system-to-system file exchanges a snap. File sharing, for example, is possible between iOS and Android smartphones.

The Simple Interface of ShareMe: ShareMe’s user-friendly interface

The application’s opening, viewing, and installation options seem to be part of an intuitive user experience. ShareMe is such an easy-to-use tool that even a newbie may use it with ease. In addition, should a problem cause the transfer to be interrupted, you can resume from the place where it was paused instead of having to restart from scratch.

Unlike many other data-sharing apps that mislead users, Share Me doesn’t have any obtrusive or unnecessary buttons or features. The user will be able to complete the exact work at hand with ease thanks to the application.


ShareMe APK emerges as a reliable and efficient file-sharing tool, simplifying the process of transferring data between devices seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and lightning-fast transfer speeds, ShareMe facilitates effortless sharing of various file types, including photos, videos, documents, and more. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures compatibility between Android and iOS devices, enhancing its utility for users across different ecosystems. Furthermore, ShareMe prioritizes user privacy and security, offering a trustworthy platform for transferring sensitive information. Whether you’re sharing files with friends, family, or colleagues, ShareMe APK remains a convenient and dependable solution for all your file-sharing needs.

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