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Download ZArchiver Pro APK, a feature-rich archive management application, is a donation version of the much-loved ZArchiver program. The software is designed for users who are eager to give to the project and has a sleek user interface (UI) with light and dark tones, password storage, and file editing capabilities within archives. This personalized application makes it simple to build and decompress a number of archive types, including 7z, zip, and more, while also prioritizing user privacy by not demanding internet access rights.

Among its notable features are picture previews, compatibility for multi-part archives, and the ability to install APK and OBB files directly from backups. For those searching for a complete solution for secure and efficient file organizing on mobile devices, It is highly recommended. Beginning with Android 9, it offers enhanced performance and multithreading capability. In this post, we’re giving away ZArchiver Pro MOD APK, which has a ton of sophisticated features. You may see them below.

Technical Specification Of Zarchiver APK:-

 Size7.7 MB
 UpdateFebruary 29, 2024

Benefits of ZArchiver Pro:-

  • The user interface (UI) of ZArchiver Pro has two customizable themes: bright and dark. Clients can choose the theme that most closely matches their preferences, making for an unforgettable and breathtakingly gorgeous experience.
  • Password storage: It’s password storing feature addresses important security concerns. It is possible to further protect sensitive content by enabling users to build and decompress password-protected archives.
  • An image preview from inside the archive: This function makes it easier to see content inside archives. ZArchiver Pro allows users to preview images directly from the archive, which simplifies the process of finding and organizing photos.
  • Changing files inside archives: It is capability to make changes to files inside archives takes archive management to a whole new level. This tool supports a wide range of file types, including tar, apk, zip, 7zip, and mtz, allowing for more freedom in content manipulation.
  • Access to the internet requires no authorization: It prioritizes user privacy and data protection. No information is exchanged with services or individuals outside of the internet because the program is not authorized to access it.

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Key Features Of Zarchiver APK:-

  • Create several archive types, such as tar, zst, XZ, lz4, bzip2, gzip, and 7z.
  • Numerous archive formats, such as gzip, bzip2, rar, zip, 7z, and others, can be decompressed.
  • View the contents of supported archives in popular formats like zip and rar.
  • Create secure archives that require a password, then extract them.
  • To edit archives (zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz), add or remove files.
  • There are options for both light and dark themes.
  • It is possible to handle multipart archives (7z, rar for decompression).
  • Install the APK and OBB files after opening the backup archives.
  • Compressed files can be opened with ease.
  • Mail programs allow you to open archived files directly.
  • It is possible to extract split archives such as part1.rar, 7z.001, zip.001, and z01 files.


ZArchiver is a well-known illustration of a comprehensive and user-friendly archive management application. Users can effectively manage, safeguard, and alter their digital assets with ZArchiver additional functionality, improved security, and support for a variety of archive types. For all of your archive management requirements, it offers a strong and dependable tool, regardless of your level of experience with computers.

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