Extra Lives Mod APK v1.150.64 [Unlocked] Download For Android

Extra Lives Mod A lot of movies have a bad world or planet that is in danger and only a few people who can save it. In many ways, they protect people from that terrible thing. You could be a hero if you save the world from asteroids, aliens, bugs that make people sick, zombies, monsters, or anything else. We wish we could be heroes and save the world. You can make all your dreams come true with the internet and everything that works with it. In a virtual world with great images and sounds, for instance, you can become a rescuer. In Extra Lives Mod APK, they need her because a dangerous virus has gone around the world and turned everyone into zombies who are looking for people who are still alive. With Extra Lives Mod APK, you can turn into a hero and save everyone or the whole world.

Technical Specification of Extra Lives Mod

UpdateDecember 27, 2023


You can get Extra Lives Mod APK from our site. It has better rules and features than the first game, which has been changed. This mod gives you a lot of special features, such as lots of money and prize points that you can use to unlock characters and places. You can make people whose tools and guns are open when you make them, so you can make them better. You can get free tools in the shop for many jobs once you get good at the game. Not having to root your phone is possible with his version, which comes with built-in antiban, antivirus, and ad blockers. There are no longer any ads in the game since they were turned off. It’s now safe for users to play, and the version that doesn’t lag or have bugs has been fixed.

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Keep the virus from spreading

Because of the dangerous virus, people all over the world have turned into zombies. Save everyone on Earth. That’s what the virus does: it spreads. Use your skills wisely and don’t waste any time trying to beat them. Everything you need will be there. You need to work with other players to get rid of all of them.

50+ places to explore

You can play the game in over 50 places with the Extra Lives Mod APK. Like killing zombies while reading a long book, you can do the same things anywhere. The view and setting are different for each sale, so you can enjoy a new look while you plan with your friends and partners.

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Design the character and their huge weaponry

By utilizing the Extra Lives Mod software, you have the ability to personalize the appearance of your avatar. This software gives you access to a large range of accessories, such as hair, color, and clothing, from which you may select the one that best suits your preferences. You have the ability to eliminate the zombies and secure your own survival by making use of a wide variety of weapons and equipment.

200+ characters to choose

In the game, you can choose from 200 different personalities. Each of them has a different way of fighting zombies. You can choose any character at the beginning. You’ll need to earn prize points during the game in order to get the best figures. This way of playing is better.

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Engaging gameplay

In Extra Lives, it’s fun and hard to fight, plan, and stay alive, which makes it different from other games. This way makes a web of friendships and rivalries that shape the player’s journey and give the story more depth. You can connect with things in 50 different places, so it’s deep and rich. It is above average to deal with enemies, and it was brought over from Wrestling Revolution. It’s fun and important to kill zombies. Making their figures unique and making their own worlds after the world ends can change the world. The game is more like you now. Playing “Deathmatch” mode instead of the main story is fun. Fans don’t have to fight in a certain way because of the story. The unique way that the different parts of Extra Lives work together makes the game stand out in its genre.

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How To Install Download Extra Lives Mod :-

You need enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
1. Click on the above link to download Extra Lives Mod.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Open the app and start using it right away.


You can be a hero and fight zombies and fighting groups with lots of weapons that are meant to kill and protect the dead in different ways if you download Extra Lives Mod APK. With this Extra lives mod apk, you can get as much money and points as you want to make your tools, skills, characters, and other things better. These days you can shop for free, play game levels, and use paid features. These features also work without stopping.

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