Is Facebook Marketplace Safe Or Not

Is Facebook Marketplace safe to buy or sell items?

Yes, Facebook Marketplace is safe, secure, and legal to buy or sell different kinds of items. But still, you must be careful when buying or selling physical or digital products since you will be dealing with strangers’ people, brands, small business owners, or others.

A marketplace is a place where you can discover, buy, and sell vehicles, property, clothing, electronics, garden/outdoors, home goods, home improvement supplies, musical instruments, office supplies, pet supplies, sporting goods, toys/games, etc. items.

Since these products have to be exchanged face-to-face, so you must stay safe before buying or selling products. Facebook has its own caveats on this, though. But still, I will give you some of the most valuable wisdom that will help you stay completely safe.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe

Yes, it is 100% safe to use on Android, iOS, and computer devices. So, without further ado read the entire article now and know how to complete the deal the secure way.

Review The Profile

You need to review the seller or buyer profile to see positive or negative ratings and badges to understand how long this person has been working on this Facebook Marketplace. The more ratings or badges he or she has, the more you can trust him or her.

And don’t forget to look at personal profiles before making a deal.

Meeting In Person

It doesn’t matter which product you are going to buy or sell offline, definitely take some friends, family members, or acquaintances with you before meeting the buyer or seller in real life. If there are more people together, then no one will be able to cheat you.

This will help you stay safe easily.

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Verify Products

If you are a buyer and meet a seller to buy a product, be sure to check everything about the product to make sure that they’re genuine. Mostly seen in the case of high-value (watches, luxury bags, phones, cars, etc.) items, buyers got caught while purchasing.

So, don’t buy any product without being 100% sure.

Payment Methods

Once you buy or sell something, don’t do the transaction with cash or cheque. Because if the money is counterfeit, then you will suffer. So, try to complete the deal through PayPal, Payoneer, Mobile Banking, or Bank. It will keep you safe as there will be proof of transaction.

And try to make payments after you got the product.


It is the responsibility of both buyer and seller to protect privacy. This is why don’t share your financial information (PayPal login or password, bank account info, and others) with anyone. Also, don’t share personal information that can be harmed.

Try to stay safe about privacy always.

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There are thousands of classified sites around the world.

But if you need the best which is 100% safe and you can trust blindly, I recommend you use the Facebook Marketplace on your smartphone, tablet, or PC device. According to Statista, more than 1 billion active users are using this marketplace monthly.

So, use it now to buy or sell your products.