FlorisBoard APK v0.4.0 Download For Android

FlorisBoard APK is basically an open-source keyboard that can be used on only Android smartphone or tablet devices whose version is above 7. This platform is currently in the early-beta version, but from now on you’ll be able to enjoy all of the functions easily.

Current Version0.4.0
Size11.3 MB
DeveloperPatrick Goldinger
Released3 January 2024

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Such as using the latest FlorisBoard application, you will be able to enjoy modern, user-friendly, and customizable settings from day one. Even, this keyboard tool respects privacy very much due to which you can easily get 100% privacy as well as security.

It is currently managed by Patrick Goldinger.

You’ve to download FlorisBoard app from here to your phone or tablet if you want to use it for free. The vision of the application is that the developer wants to give a lot of privacy, customization features, and a very easy-to-use module for users.

An open-source keyboard that protects users’ data and information.

FlorisBoard Beta Features

If you search Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, you will find many types of keyboard tools, but unfortunately, they are not open-source and do not offer many features or functions. But if you use the above open-source keyboard, you will be able to enjoy more features.

Some of the Floris Board features I have mentioned below are for you.

  • Get unlimited emojis, stickers, and GIFs to express your thoughts
  • Black or dark or night and white themes are available to use for free
  • Add your own native language easily here and write in that language
  • Switch very quickly to languages, numbers, layouts, fonts, and others
  • 100% safe, secure, and legal to use on Android and iOS devices

Check it out to enjoy more customization features.

This FlorisBoard latest version works very well on all types of websites (Google, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc.), apps (Immich, Messenger, Gboard, WhatsApp, SpoTube, etc.), games (COD, Minecraft, PUBG, etc.), and phone internals.

How To Get An Android Open Source Keyboard

There are many open-source keyboards that can be used on Android, iOS, or Windows Phones. But if you need the best one for use, you have to follow the below guideline to learn how to download, install, and use an open-source keyboard completely free.

By the way, let’s get started right now.

1st Task: Activate the Unknown Sources from the Phone Settings.

2nd Task: Download FlorisBoard APK from the above, install, and open it.

3rd Task: Go to Settings and customize the number row, hinted symbols, utility key, fonts, emojis, layout, gestures, glide typing, etc. options.

4th Task: From the Floris Keyboard Theme section, select the Day or Night theme and adapt colors to the application easily.

5th Task: Once everything is ready, use the keyboard to write anything faster, easier, and smoother.

That’s all.

Use it and write faster and quickly.

How To Download FlorisBoard Old Version

Many devices do not support the latest or recent version, due to which many people prefer to use the older version. Or many people are willing to use the previous version intentionally. If you are one of them, then you should follow the guide below completely.

However, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources from the Phone Settings.
  2. Download FlorisBoard Old Version from above before the next update of this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and use it.

Alternatively, search Google for the older version.

Final Speech

Everyone needs a very simple, clean, and easy keyboard tool.

If you also need the best keyboard which is also open source, I suggest you download and install the latest version of the FlorisBoard APK from the below to your Android or iOS device. Using this application, you can easily write anything, use emojis, and others.

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