Fotor Photo Editor v7.6.1.3 MOD APK Download for Android

Fotor Photo Editor One app that can help people get better at editing pictures is Fotor Photo Editor. It is flexible and simple to use. If you’re a professional photographer or just like to take pictures for fun, Fotor has a lot of powerful tools that can help you fix, improve, and add your own creative touches to your photos. Fotoshar has a simple layout that makes it easy for anyone to edit pictures. You can make changes with just one click. The designs that come with these tools and the ways you can change them let you be very creative. It’s helpful for people who want their pictures to look better. Pics are more important than ever these days.

Technical Specification

NameFotor Photo Editor
PublisherEverimaging Ltd.
UpdateMay 12, 2024


Light Modification

The updated tools give you expert-level control over lighting, allowing you to create picture-perfect edits with ease. While some picture editors like muted, foreboding tones, others prefer lighter, pastel hues. Changing the image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation is a great way to fix all of that. On top of that, it improves the image quality significantly compared to the original with less effort.

Fotor Photo Editor image 3

Create Collage

Create stunning collages with ease using Fotor Photo Editor. There are several different collage templates available to you, including classic and magazine styles. Using the conventional approach, you can change the arrangement, backdrop, and spacing of up to nine photos. Quickly and easily create collages with a professional look with these magazine-style designs, perfect for personal or social media use. An enjoyable and easy approach to visually show your photographs is possible.

Fotor Photo Editor image

Lots of Filters

Aside from that, Fotor has a huge number of effects that really shock users. To get these different color tones, we changed the light balance, brightness, and darkness. It has its own style, like black and white, the 1990s, or modern. People can just pick a choice they like. Then, they can tap it to use it right away. Before they choose to use it, they can even see how the filter will look on their picture.

Superior with the label collection

Fotor is fun, and you can do a lot of cool things with it besides just changing pictures. There are times when effects like Curve, HSL, Color Balance, Dahaze, and more are enough to make a picture look great. There are also lots of stickers. They have many faces on them that show how different people feel about the subject. Also, all the frames and styles have been added to keep things fresh.

Fotor Photo Editor image 2

Fotor Photo Editor has great controls for making changes.

The tools in Fotor Photo Editor are very good for editing pictures. A picture can look great with even small changes. Among other things, these tools let you change the exposure, tint, color balance, brightness, and more. Users can improve picture quality, lighting, and color with these flexible tools to make their photos look the way they want them to. They let you make any changes and get any results you want. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. People like artists, professional photographers, and anyone else who wants to make their shots look their best should have these tools.

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How To Install Download Fotor Photo Editor :-

You need enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
1. Click on the above link to download Fotor Photo Editor.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. After this, open the app and start using it right away.


People and small businesses that want to get better at changing photos and make visually appealing content to build their brand can use the Fotor Photo Editor. The app’s “One-Click Perfection” feature makes it very easy for people of all skill levels to use. This is in contrast to software that is tough to understand. For extra fun, the app lets you use layers to make your own patterns.

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