Girls Whatsapp Number – Real Girl Mobile Number For Friendship On Whatsapp

Girls Whatsapp Number: If you are one of many individuals continuously searching the internet for girls’ numbers, you will enjoy this post. In this post, you will be introduced to around 2300 girls from across the country and the world. These numbers will allow you to make new friends by messaging them. Many boys miss out on opportunities to strengthen their friendships with ladies due to a lack of engagement chances. This post aims to provide that opportunity by offering girls’ phone numbers.

However, it is important to be a skilled communicator. It is advisable to find girls’ numbers on your own as sharing the same number with many others may lead to poor communication and result in the numbers being blocked. You can find girls’ numbers on any social media platform or join dating groups to befriend them via SMS. Similarly, you can attempt to do this on any social networking platform.

Real Girls Whatsapp Number List For Friendship in 2024

Indian Girls Whatsapp Number

Here are some Indian girls’ numbers with their names which might be real or fake. Please remember that Indian girls are a bit shy and respectable, so be careful about what you talk to them about.

Here’s the list of 100 unique names of girls along with their statuses, ages, and phone numbers compiled in a table format:

1Srabani Thakur26+91 7681891747
2Urmila21+91 9547904101
3Tanuja Samal20+91 9654766051
6Sarita Hota21+91 8503726783
7Sunita Majhi20+91 9654766052
8Harapriya Pradhan20+919654766053
9Nirupama Khan26+91 9654766054
10Anisha Biswal19+91 6798754735
11Mamata Mallik23+91 4532367891
12Honey Sahoo21+91 8777883638
13Monsoon Samal18+91 8888354688
14Rashmi Panda27+91 9456781234
15Priyanka Mohapatra24+91 9345678123
16Manisha Sahu19+91 9123456789
17Ankita Jena23+91 9012345678
18Ritu Sharma20+91 8901234567
19Swati Patel21+91 9876543210
20Deepika Das22+91 8765432109
21Kajal Mishra25+91 7654321098
22Sapna Singh18+91 6543210987
23Jyoti Sharma26+91 5432109876
24Aishwarya Reddy24+91 4321098765
25Shreya Gupta22+91 3210987654
26Riya Verma23+91 2109876543
27Ananya Singh21+91 1098765432
28Simran Khanna20+91 9876543210
29Khushi Sharma19+91 8765432109
30Aaradhya Yadav25+91 7654321098
31Ishita Kapoor26+91 6543210987
32Neha Singhania22+91 5432109876
33Anjali Rao21+91 4321098765
34Ayesha Banerjee23+91 3210987654
35Priya Mehta24+91 2109876543
36Aditi Choudhury20+91 1098765432
37Naina Das19+91 9876543210
38Riya Sharma21+91 8765432109
39Kritika Singh22+91 7654321098
40Pooja Verma23+91 6543210987
41Shivani Gupta24+91 5432109876
42Tanvi Patel25+91 4321098765
43Divya Mishra26+91 3210987654
44Megha Sharma27+91 2109876543
45Anushka Singh28+91 1098765432
46Akanksha Sharma29+91 9876543210
47Sakshi Gupta30+91 8765432109
48Muskaan Verma31+91 7654321098
49Chahat Singh32+91 6543210987
50Roshni Patel33+91 5432109876
51Prerna Mishra34+91 4321098765
52Varsha Gupta35+91 3210987654
53Ishika Sharma36+91 2109876543
54Ankita Verma37+91 1098765432
55Komal Singh38+91 9876543210
56Nisha Gupta39+91 8765432109
57Tanya Mishra40+91 7654321098
58Sneha Patel41+91 6543210987
59Aarohi Yadav42+91 5432109876
60Priyanka Gupta43+91 4321098765
61Harleen Kaur44+91 3210987654
62Kavya Sharma45+91 2109876543
63Radhika Verma46+91 1098765432
64Shivangi Singh47+91 9876543210
65Amrita Patel48+91 8765432109
66Alisha Mishra49+91 7654321098
67Nandini Singh50+91 6543210987

Real Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Number List For Friendship

List of 100 unique Pakistani girl names with their WhatsApp number statuses, ages, and contact information.

1Ayesha KhanLife is way more important than you think therefore you must not leave things for tomorrow !!26+92 3012345678
2Hira MalikRomantic Attitude21+92 3210987654
3Sana ShahDon’t look for happiness in the same place20+92 3334567890
4Zara MahmoodHot Mood25+92 3456789012
5Fatima AliLovely Behavior20+92 3123456789
6Mariam AhmedCall me later because Life is not short as you think21+92 3009876543
7Aisha KhanA girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust20+92 3145678901
8Mahnoor KhanA beautiful face, age, and perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful…20+92 3336789012
9Sarah ChaudhryCan’t talk on Whatsapp only26+92 3217890123
10Rabia SiddiquiMake sure you give me your Bank code before u die !!19+92 3459012345
11Alina RazaSpeaking is easier than doing in real.23+92 3123456789
12Natasha KhanYou won’t believe how fast my heart beats when I don’t see you?21+92 3006789012
13Sofia AhmedWhatsapp Only !!18+92 3334567890
14Zoya AliWaiting for the right moment27+92 3145678901
15Saba MalikDream big, work hard24+92 3217890123
16Aiza SheikhLiving life to the fullest19+92 3459012345
17Neha KhanEnjoying every moment23+92 3123456789
18Ayesha RazaSmile always20+92 3336789012
19Sara KhanMusic lover21+92 3009876543
20Hina ButtBe yourself22+92 3145678901
21Maria KhanAdventure awaits25+92 3217890123
22Aleena AhmedWanderlust18+92 3459012345
23Alishba SheikhPositive vibes only26+92 3334567890
24Zainab KhanDreamer and achiever24+92 3123456789
25Maha AliCoffee lover β˜•22+92 3006789012
26Mehwish MalikLife is a journey23+92 3336789012
27Areeba SiddiquiSmile, it’s contagious21+92 3217890123
28Anam RazaFoodie by heart20+92 3145678901
29Khadija AhmedMusic is my escape 🎡19+92 3459012345
30Fiza SheikhLiving the moment25+92 3123456789
31Zoya KhanWanderlust soul ✈️26+92 3334567890
32Sumbal RazaForever young at heart22+92 3006789012
33Kiran MalikDancing through life πŸ’ƒ21+92 3217890123
34Ayesha ButtAdventure seeker23+92 3145678901
35Amna KhanEnjoying the little things24+92 3459012345
36Saira RazaDream big, sparkle more20+92 3123456789
37Samra AhmedLife is an adventure19+92 3334567890
38Farah SheikhDream, believe, achieve22+92 3217890123
39Hafsa RazaLiving life, loving life23+92 3145678901
40Sania KhanMusic is my therapy24+92 3459012345
41Aiman MalikPositive vibes only25+92 3123456789
42Asma AliCoffee lover β˜•26+92 3006789012
43Shazia AhmedLife is an adventure27+92 3334567890
44Rabia KhanDream, believe, achieve28+92 3217890123
45Noor RazaLiving life, loving life29+92 3145678901
46Maham SheikhMusic is my therapy30+92 3459012345
47Ayesha KhanPositive vibes only31+92 3123456789
48Zara MalikCoffee lover β˜•32+92 3006789012
49Hira AhmedLiving the dream33+92 3334567890
50Sana RazaWanderlust soul ✈️34+92 3217890123
51Zoya KhanAdventure awaits35+92 3145678901
52Fatima SheikhDreamer and achiever36+92 3459012345
53Alisha KhanLife is beautiful37+92 3123456789
54Mariam RazaDancing through life πŸ’ƒ38+92 3006789012
55Sofia AhmedSmile, it’s contagious39+92 3334567890
56Zainab KhanFoodie by heart40+92 3217890123
57Ayesha RazaWanderer at heart41+92 3145678901
58Mahnoor AhmedEnjoying every moment42+92 3459012345
59Sarah SheikhDream big, work hard43+92 3123456789
60Rabia KhanLiving life to the fullest44+92 3006789012
61Alina RazaAdventure seeker45+92 3334567890
62Natasha AhmedEnjoying the little things46+92 3217890123
63Aisha MalikDream big, sparkle more47+92 3145678901
64Mehwish KhanBold and beautiful48+92 3459012345
65Maria RazaFree spirit 🌼49+92 3123456789
66Neha SheikhWanderlust soul ✈️50+92 3006789012
67Aleena KhanAdventure awaits51+92 3334567890

Real Russian Girls WhatsApp Number

Here are some Russian girls’ numbers with their names which might be real or fake. Please remember that Russian girls are a bit dominating and romantic, so be careful about what you talk to them about.

1Anastasia IvanovaLife is πŸ“ more important than you think therefore you must not leave things for tomorrow !!26+7 9123456789
2Ekaterina PetrovaRomantic Attitude 😘21+7 9234567890
3Natalia SmirnovaDon’t look for happiness in the same place 🌊20+7 9345678901
4Svetlana SokolovaHot Mood πŸ’‹25+7 9456789012
5Maria VolkovaLovely Behavior πŸ‘22+7 9567890123
6Olga KuznetsovaCall me later because Life is not short as you think 🌧️21+7 9678901234
7Tatiana FedorovaA girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust πŸ’20+7 9789012345
8Elena MorozovaA beautiful face, age, and perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful… 🌸23+7 9890123456
9Irina IvanovaCan’t talk on Whatsapp only πŸ“±26+7 9001234567
10Anna PavlovaMake sure you give me your Bank code before u die !! πŸ’Έ19+7 9112345678
11Daria PopovaSpeaking is easier than doing in real. 🍭24+7 9223456789
12Marina OrlovaYou won’t believe how fast my heart beats when I don’t see you? ❀️21+7 9334567890
13Yulia VolkovaWhatsapp Only !! πŸ“±18+7 9445678901
14Natalya IvanovaWaiting for the right moment ⏳27+7 9556789012
15Ekaterina SokolovaDream big, work hard 🌈22+7 9667890123
16Anna MikhailovaLiving life to the fullest 🌟19+7 9778901234
17Polina SmirnovaEnjoying every moment 🎈23+7 9889012345
18Ksenia KuznetsovaSmile always 😊20+7 9001234567
19Svetlana PetrovaMusic lover 🎡21+7 9112345678
20Maria SidorovaBe yourself 🌼22+7 9223456789
21Irina IvanovaAdventure awaits ⚑️25+7 9334567890
22Anastasia MorozovaWanderlust ✈️18+7 9445678901
23Ekaterina OrlovaPositive vibes only ✨26+7 9556789012
24Anna PopovaDreamer and achiever 🌟24+7 9667890123
25Daria IvanovaCoffee lover β˜•22+7 9778901234
26Marina SokolovaLife is a journey 🌍23+7 9889012345
27Yulia PavlovaSmile, it’s contagious πŸ˜ƒ21+7 9001234567
28Natalya FedorovaFoodie by heart πŸ”20+7 9112345678
29Ekaterina MorozovaMusic is my escape 🎢19+7 9223456789
30Polina OrlovaLiving the moment 🌟25+7 9334567890
31Ksenia PopovaWanderlust soul ✈️26+7 9445678901
32Svetlana IvanovaForever young at heart ❀️22+7 9556789012
33Maria SokolovaDancing through life πŸ’ƒ21+7 9667890123
34Irina PetrovaAdventure seeker 🌲23+7 9778901234
35Anastasia SidorovaEnjoying the little things 🌼24+7 9889012345
36Ekaterina KuznetsovaDream big, sparkle more ✨20+7 9001234567
37Anna SmirnovaLife is an adventure 🌍19+7 9112345678
38Polina PetrovaDream, believe, achieve 🌟22+7 9223456789
39Ksenia MorozovaLiving life, loving life ❀️23+7 9334567890
40Svetlana OrlovaMusic is my therapy 🎡24+7 9445678901
41Maria PopovaPositive vibes only ✨25+7 9556789012
42Irina IvanovaCoffee lover β˜•26+7 9667890123
43Anastasia SokolovaLife is an adventure 🌍27+7 9778901234
44Ekaterina PetrovaDream, believe, achieve 🌟28+7 9889012345
45Anna SidorovaLiving life, loving life ❀️29+7 9001234567
46Polina MorozovaMusic is my therapy 🎡30+7 9112345678
47Ksenia OrlovaPositive vibes only ✨31+7 9223456789
48Svetlana PopovaCoffee lover β˜•32+7 9334567890
49Maria IvanovaLiving the dream 🌟33+7 9445678901
50Irina SokolovaWanderlust soul ✈️34+7 9556789012

Real Delhi – South Delhi Girls Number List

Are you looking for sizzling girls in Delhi, here is the real Delhi girls number, so that you can approach them and be aware of fraud.

Here’s a list of 50 Delhi girls with age and WhatsApp numbers:

1Alisha Gupta26+91 9123456789
2Priya Singh21+91 9234567890
3Neha Sharma20+91 9345678901
4Riya Kapoor25+91 9456789012
5Simran Khanna22+91 9567890123
6Pooja Malhotra21+91 9678901234
7Natasha Chawla20+91 9789012345
8Komal Verma23+91 9890123456
9Mansi Arora26+91 9001234567
10Anjali Gupta19+91 9112345678
11Sonam Choudhary24+91 9223456789
12Ritu Sharma21+91 9334567890
13Meera Singh18+91 9445678901
14Tanvi Malhotra27+91 9556789012
15Shreya Kapoor22+91 9667890123
16Ishita Sharma19+91 9778901234
17Riya Verma23+91 9889012345
18Neha Khanna20+91 9001234567
19Pooja Singh21+91 9112345678
20Ayesha Yadav22+91 9223456789
21Radhika Sharma25+91 9334567890
22Sanjana Arora18+91 9445678901
23Kritika Malhotra26+91 9556789012
24Shruti Kapoor24+91 9667890123
25Akanksha Choudhary22+91 9778901234
26Ananya Verma23+91 9889012345
27Megha Singh21+91 9001234567
28Rashi Chawla20+91 9112345678
29Kavya Malhotra19+91 9223456789
30Jhanvi Kapoor25+91 9334567890
31Riya Arora26+91 9445678901
32Sheetal Sharma22+91 9556789012
33Nidhi Kapoor21+91 9667890123
34Anjali Verma23+91 9778901234
35Aarti Choudhary24+91 9889012345
36Kiran Malhotra20+91 9001234567
37Shikha Singh19+91 9112345678
38Ananya Sharma22+91 9223456789
39Kirti Verma23+91 9334567890
40Rachna Malhotra24+91 9445678901
41Priyanka Kapoor25+91 9556789012
42Nisha Singh26+91 9667890123
43Anjali Arora27+91 9778901234
44Preeti Chawla28+91 9889012345
45Swati Kapoor29+91 9001234567
46Tanu Verma30+91 9112345678
47Shweta Malhotra31+91 9223456789
48Anamika Singh32+91 9334567890
49Pooja Kapoor33+91 9445678901
50Sangeeta Sharma34+91 9556789012

Bangladeshi Girls WhatsApp Number

Below is the list of Bangladeshi girl’s numbers, along with their name, status, and age.

NamesStatusAgeContact Number
Shella EsreMake a wish when you see me. I’m a star!19+880 7786653478
MissuI am not wrong, said no wise girl ever.25+880 74654698765
Mamata BegamBeing stylish comes from my DNA.18+880 6746846666
Caanvian PradhanBending the rules is my cardio.22+55 673 456 3457
Kavita+91 99828 3506
Shila+91 88774 7681
Punam+91 879214811
Payal+91 766689005
Swati+91 782747503
Lovely+91 706167159
Aasha+91 809662002
Devika+91 890556855
Mitali+91 965453919

Girls Number From the UK

Below is the list of UK girl’s numbers, along with their name, status, and age.

NamesStatusAgeContact Number
FlorenceShe is brave and, hence, free.23+1 5677893456
AbelardCreating my future, not predicting it.26+1 3454766054
LiliaI make money moves.20+1 674 567 7891
AramintaOthers opinions don’t pay my bills.23+1 3454766055
FlorenceLiving my life on my terms17+1 5677893456
BeatriceNot a player, but the dictator of the game26+3 456 456 6723
LunaMy attitude is based on how you treat me22+1 5673987439
CressidaNot rude, just plain honest19+1 3454766057
ElsieKeep your nose out of my life24+1 3454766046

Girls WhatsApp Number From Australia

Below is the list of Australian girl’s numbers, along with their name, status, and age.

Chey HinderI am forgiving. But not forgetful23+61 9939556590
Anusha GowthamI’m cool, but summer days make me hot!19+61 6786409876
KrutiI am a girl with a voice, a strong voice18+61 5778396876
AmeliaRising above the storm to shine like the sun21+61784 567 8921

Girls WhatsApp Number From Delhi

Below is the list of Delhi girl’s numbers, along with their name, status, and age.

ShanayaI like walking the path less taken278563094628
SanyaNobody has the right to design my life their way237735267934
PrikshaMaker of my own fortune270915526826
ShreyaFailure doesn’t scare me a bit247352892804

South African Girls WhatsApp Number

Below is the list of South African girl’s numbers, along with their name, status, and age.

FionaWith my desire, I am building my empire23+27 9145667489
Karlie EllenThe way you speak to yourself matters the most21+27 6876605898
Ko layIgnoring your enemy is the best revenge19+27 6758396389
BokamosoEnjoying the freedom I achieved for myself22+27 5678923476

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the FAQs about the Real Girls Number List For Friendship in (July- October) 2024:

Q1: How can I find girls’ WhatsApp numbers on social media?
Ans: To find girls’ WhatsApp numbers on social media, you need to have a social media account such as Facebook or Instagram. With these platforms, you can easily connect with girls from different countries.

Q2: Is it necessary to talk to girls on WhatsApp to get to know them?
Ans: Yes, talking to them on WhatsApp can help you build a friendship and get to know each other better, leading to a strong and lasting friendship.

Q3: Are all the girls’ WhatsApp numbers real?
Ans: The list provided here contains real WhatsApp numbers.

Q4: How do I create a WhatsApp group on my mobile?
Ans: To create a WhatsApp group on your mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the menu.
  2. Select “New Group.”
  3. Add members from your contact list and tap “Done.”
  4. Finally, enter your group name and tap the right icon to create the group.

Wrap Up

This is a list of real girls’ numbers for friendship in 2024. Feel free to reach out to them, try the numbers, and start a conversation. You might find someone who is an ideal friend for you. Please ensure that you use these girls’ WhatsApp numbers respectfully and kindly. For more informative blogs, stay tuned to

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