Network Spoofer APK v2.4.0 Download For Android

Network Spoofer APK is basically a tool that will help you prank with users by changing the website address of a mobile or computer connected to your Wi-Fi network. Currently, this application is available only for Android smartphone or tablet devices.

NameNetwork Spoofer
Current Version2.4.0
Size5.7 MB
Released18 December 2023

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By using the latest Network Spoofer application, you can change or flip all images on all websites, change the text in google searches, redirect traffic, and replace every YouTube video with a rickroll. But for this, both of you need to be under the same Wi-Fi.

This tool is developed and published by DigitalSquid.

You can download Network Spoofer app from here and install it on an Android completely free. More than 20K people are using this tool on their devices to prank with others. This tool is made purely for fun that shows how home networks are simple to attack.

Change websites on others under the same Wi-Fi network.

Network Spoofer Features

Compared to several interesting features and functions, this application has been created by its developer. Since you are going to use this app for the first time, I would recommend you familiarize yourself with all the features and functions beforehand.

By the way, let’s know some of the best features now.

  • Change the website address like TakipciMx on other users’ devices
  • Flip pictures and text upside down to scare them easily
  • Redirect any type of website to other pages more easily
  • Easily replace the Google SERPs, words, and others
  • Change any YouTube video without getting any issue
  • 100% safe, secure, and legal to use on an Android phone

More new features will be added here in the future for you.

Please note, you will definitely need a rooted Android phone to use this Spoofer tool. If the phone is not rooted, root it now via the KingRoot application completely free. And then relax and scare others by changing websites on their mobiles or PCs using this app.

How To Use Network Spoofer

Due to the technical format of this tool, many people face various problems while using it on their Android devices. If you are one of those people, then I recommend you learn how to use the app by following the complete guideline below.

Without further ado, let’s start now.

First Method: Download Network Spoofer APK from here, install, and launch it.

Second Method: Go to the Preference by clicking the 3 dots from the top right corner.

Third Method: Enable the Choose Router Automatically, Choose Victim Automatically, and Opt Out Of Stats Collection options.

Fourth Method: Select Custom Image Change (Image On Phone), Custom Image Change (Image On Web), Flip Images, Google Search Change, Redirect Traffic Through Phone, Rickrool, or Text Change option.

Fifth Method: Tap the START button.

Sixth Method: Press the Go To Website and show it on other devices.

That’s cool.

You have finally learned how to use it for free.

How To Download Network Spoofer Old Version

Many devices do not support the latest or recent version, due to which many people prefer to use the older version. Or many people are willing to use the previous version intentionally. If you are one of them, then you should follow the guide below completely.

However, without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources from the Phone Settings.
  2. Download Network Spoofer Old Version from above before the next update of this current page.
  3. Install, launch, and use it.

Alternatively, search Google for the older version.

Final Round

We have come to the very end of this article.

Hope by reading this article you got lots of information. So, I request you download and install the updated version of the Network Spoofer APK now. And with it, prank with people by changing websites on their mobiles that are connected to your Wi-Fi networks.

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