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Unite VPN – Fast & Secure VPN, created by VRMAPPS, is a free VPN utility that uses OpenVPN, an encryption technology with superior security and quicker connectivity, to guarantee user security. Along with your current download and upload speeds, you’ll also be able to check how long you’ve been connected to a server.

However, Unite VPN – Fast & Secure VPN is not without its problems. To return to the main screen, for example, you must force close the application after hitting the four-dot button located in the upper left corner, which takes you to a blank page.

NameUnite Vpn
Latest VersionV1.3
Size20.7 MB
RequirementsAndroid 9.0 and up
operating SystemAndroid
Unite Vpn

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Browse With Security in Mind

One method to protect your online privacy and security is to install a VPN tool. Unite VPN – Fast & Secure VPN is a must-try if you’re looking for free VPN choices. It offers servers in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Korea, and other countries. You can browse your favorite websites and connect to any server with a single button push.

Users who depend on consistent connectivity for daily tasks will find internet browsing less annoying and stressful since there won’t be drops in speed or even bandwidth restrictions. Also, since the program doesn’t save a record of your surfing history, your privacy is safeguarded. Additionally, it has OpenVPN encryption and provides TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) ports to keep outside parties from stifling your internet traffic.

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Pros & Cons of Unite Vpn


  • Uses OpenVPN encryption
  • No limits to bandwidth
  • See your download and upload speeds
  • Doesn’t require registration


  • Onscreen advertisements
  • Four-dot button redirects to a blank page


In conclusion, Unite VPN – Fast & Secure VPN, developed by VRMAPPS, presents itself as a commendable free VPN utility that prioritizes user security through the implementation of OpenVPN encryption technology. With servers spanning multiple countries, it provides users with the convenience of accessing their favorite websites securely and efficiently. The ability to monitor download and upload speeds, coupled with the option to check connection duration, adds transparency to the user experience.

Despite these limitations, Unite VPN offers a reliable solution for those seeking a free VPN tool with robust security features and unhindered bandwidth. For individuals who prioritize privacy and are willing to overlook some minor user interface issues, Unite VPN stands as a viable option in the competitive landscape of VPN utilities.

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