Which is better, ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus? Is the monthly cost justified!

(ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus) While ChatGPT is great, GPT-4 is far more accurate and wiser and costs $20 per month through ChatGPT Plus.

OpenAI’s most potent large language model (LLM), GPT-4, has been accessible for months with a $20 monthly ChatGPT Plus subscription. GPT-4 has shown to be better than the publicly accessible GPT-3.5 if you’re seeking for more precise answers to your questions, AI-generated imagery, web browsing, data analysis, and access to many GPT-4 bots all in one location.

Let me clarify: GPT-4 is still capable of errors, sometimes called hallucinations. However, GPT-4 is the solution if you’re looking for some insightful responses to some difficult issues. In light of this, the following are the technological variations between ChatGPT’s free edition and ChatGPT Plus’s premium GPT-4 version.

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ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI’s creativity gave rise to ChatGPT, a chatbot that can produce text that closely resembles human language in response to user input. The free version does, however, have several drawbacks, such as slower response times and no priority access during busy times. A $20 monthly subscription service called ChatGPT Plus offers an improved experience. Benefits for subscribers include priority access to new features and enhancements, quicker response times, and general access even during busy periods.

Whether these extra benefits are worth the monthly membership fee is the key question here. There isn’t a universal solution; instead, it mostly depends on your unique requirements and usage habits. For those who rely heavily on ChatGPT for their work or productivity, the improved functionality and priority access may make the purchase worthwhile. But, if you only use it sometimes, the free edition can be adequate for your needs.

ChatGPT 4: A Glimpse into the Future

Amidst the current conversations, rumors of ChatGPT 4 (gpt 4) have aroused interest. Although there are currently little specifics available, if this upcoming version follows the same path as its predecessors, we should expect improvements in general performance, context handling, and language understanding. The possibility of a more sophisticated approach raises the question of whether or not customers should wait for ChatGPT 4 to sign up for a subscription.

Depending on how urgent your needs are, you must choose between ChatGPT Plus and the possible future appeal of ChatGPT 4. In case you require improved functionality and speed right away, ChatGPT Plus could be the most sensible option. But if you’re patient and excited about what the next generation has to offer, holding out on purchasing a subscription until ChatGPT 4 is available could be a wise course of action.

ChatGPT Plus is the app to use if…

Artificial Intelligence has evolved significantly in recent years, and one notable advancement is the development of chatbot models like ChatGPT. With the introduction of ChatGPT Plus, users now face the decision of whether the subscription fee is justified for the enhanced version. Additionally, there are whispers about the potential release of ChatGPT 4 (gpt 4), promising even more advanced capabilities. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus, analyze the potential benefits of the subscription, and ponder the prospects of the rumored ChatGPT 4.

ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus

  • You want more than text responses

In addition to being multimodal and able to analyze text, graphics, and voice, GPT-4 is more powerful than GPT-3.5. For example, it can create images, respond to voice commands by responding with its voice, and receive an image as part of a prompt and accurately respond with words.

As an illustration, consider this: With the ability to “view” an image of the contents of your refrigerator, GPT-4 may offer you recipes made with the components it detects. Users of ChatGPT Plus can additionally upload papers to be analyzed and summarised using GPT-4. However, unless you specifically request that GPT-4 create a picture for you, it will only respond with text.

Users can ask GPT-4 to create an image and it will leverage DALL-E 3’s capabilities to do so; no need to switch to another website.

  • You wish to utilize unique GPT plugins or bots.

Because you can only utilize the GPT Store and ChatGPT plugins while using GPT-4, access to them is restricted to Plus subscribers only. With the help of GPT-4, the new GPT Store offers a collection of personalized AI chatbots that mix a variety of abilities, education, and unique instructions.

GPT bots can be made available for usage in the shop after being trained on particular data sets. You can use bots like arithmetic Solver, which provides step-by-step solutions for arithmetic problems, Finance Wizard, which teaches you about the stock market, and VideoGPT by VEED, which allows you to create videos for social media.

Plugins allow external application programming interfaces to be used by OpenAI and other developers to collaborate with ChatGPT-4 to make it “smarter”. For instance, you can search for the best flights to Vancouver using the Expedia and Kayak travel plugins. Alternatively, you can use the Ask Your PDF ChatGPT Plugin to have OpenAI search any PDF document for the answers you need.

  • You want up-to-date information

ChatGPT Plus has internet connectivity, whereas the free version does not. Recently, OpenAI added a ‘Browse with Bing’ function to GPT-4, enabling the AI chatbot to retrieve news and information from the internet.

If you ask GPT-3.5, or ChatGPT’s free version, a query like, “What is the most powerful iPhone?” it will probably respond with the 2021-released iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is because its understanding is restricted to events that occurred before late 2021, as it was only trained on data up to that point.

If you were to ask GPT-4 the same question, it would likely respond back with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple’s latest high-end iPhone that debuted in September 2023. 

Should You Wait for ChatGPT 4

Depending on your urgent needs, you can decide whether to wait for ChatGPT 4 or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. It doesn’t hurt to subscribe if you can take advantage of ChatGPT Plus’s improved features right away. If you can wait and are enthusiastic about the possible improvements in ChatGPT 4, it might be worthwhile to hold off until further information becomes available.

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You should use free ChatGPT if…


  • You don’t need the extra features

Having all the bells and whistles sounds like a great idea when you’re talking about ChatGPT, but the truth is that most AI chatbot users don’t need all the extra features that come with a Plus subscription. 

It’s worth noting that ChatGPT, the free version, is already a force to be reckoned with, and a popular one at that. ChatGPT reached 100 million users within two months of being released, months before GPT-4 was launched publicly and before a Plus subscription was created. 

The free ChatGPT can generate text summaries, stories, jokes, shopping lists, code, letters, schedules, resumes, solutions to math problems, and more — all without a subscription. Additionally, if you’d rather talk outloud to ChatGPT, OpenAI’s automatic speech recognition system Whisper is also built into the ChatGPT mobile app. Whisper converts spoken language into written text. When you use your voice to talk to ChatGPT on the app, the AI chatbot will respond with a surprisingly natural-sounding human voice, reading the responses from the AI chatbot, a feature that is now included with the free version of ChatGPT.

For complex data analysis, avoid using ChatGPT if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. If you’re more of an infrequent user, you can continue using ChatGPT’s free edition.

  • You’d rather use it for free

Whether ChatGPT Plus is worth the money or not is a highly subjective question. But if you’re on the fence about upgrading to a paid subscription, you should consider using the Bing Chat feature, which is an AI chatbot powered by GPT-4 with DALL-E 3 built-in. 

Using Bing Chat is a similar experience to using ChatGPT Plus, with the added benefit that you don’t have to pay to access it. Admittedly, the answers from both bots are different: Bing tends to lean quite heavily on search results from different sites and combines them together into several paragraphs, while ChatGPT generates responses that read more naturally. 

But let’s be honest: Bing Chat, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 are all impressive generative AI tools. 


In the ever-changing realm of AI-powered chatbots, choosing between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus requires carefully weighing your unique needs against the cost of the subscription. For those willing to wait for the next breakthrough in AI capabilities, the anticipation of ChatGPT 4 adds another level of fascination.

Whether or not the subscription cost is worthwhile ultimately depends on your own requirements and objectives. Users could expect exciting new innovations that could drastically alter the field of conversational agents as AI continues its unrelenting evolution. Watch for updates in the future, and be prepared to modify your strategy in light of these remarkable AI models’ growing capabilities.