Windows 11 version: New functionalities, AI computers of the future!

Currently under development by Microsoft, the next major version of Windows, codenamed Hudson Valley, is expected to launch later this year as the 2024 Update and “version 24H2”. Compared to version 23H2 from the previous year, version 24H2 is expected to be a significantly larger OS update based on a new version of the Windows platform that promises significant performance and security enhancements in addition to important new features and quality-of-life improvements.

Furthermore, version 24H2 is anticipated to include a significant emphasis on next-generation AI experiences, as Microsoft has been hinting at for the past 12 months. There are rumors that a new, more sophisticated Copilot is in the works that will use AI and machine learning to improve Windows UX and increase productivity in search, apps, and other areas.

Many think Microsoft will eventually label this update “Windows 12” because of how it is expected to coincide with next-generation AI PCs and experiences. However, as Panos Panay, the former head of Windows, left the company, this is merely a rumor, and my sources say it’s unlikely. We will just refer to it as a substantial Windows 11 upgrade for the time being.

Windows 11
The big annual OS update is coming.

The AI Touch: Smarter, Faster, Better

Now, here’s where it gets exciting – Windows 11 is all about that AI magic. From making your computer run like a dream to tailoring your experience just for you, artificial intelligence is at the heart of it all.

  • Adaptive Performance: Your computer learns how you use it and adapts to deliver peak performance without breaking a sweat.
  • Dynamic Refresh Rate: The screen adjusts itself based on what you’re doing, making everything look better and saving power too.
  • Personalized Widgets: Widgets powered by AI give you the info you want, when you want it. It’s like having a helpful friend on your desktop.
  • Voice Typing: Talking to your computer just got a whole lot smarter. AI-driven voice typing learns from you, making it more accurate and natural over time.

Based on my sources, Microsoft plans to release version 24H2 in September. The upgrade is expected to be finalized throughout the summer. Microsoft, I’ve been informed, plans to position this version as AI-focused and release it in tandem with the next-generation AI PCs that the company has already stated will be available in 2024.

There are several development milestones between now and the general release of the version 24H2 upgrade since version 24H2 will be built upon a new version of the Windows platform. Germanium, the latest Windows platform release, is scheduled for Microsoft’s approval in April. After that’s finished, the signed-off Germanium platform build will be used to “finalize” the version 24H2 upgrade.

All of this only indicates that version 24H2 will be released in the second half of 2024. Some next-generation AI PCs will come preconfigured with version 24H2 as early as June. However, the version 24H2 update won’t be widely available to Windows 11 users until September at the latest, after its full functionality has been confirmed.

This release will power next-generation AI PCs, some of which have already been unveiled and will start shipping as early as next month. These PCs’ powerful NPUs will enable them to leverage recently revealed AI technologies, even though Microsoft has alluded to them.

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Windows 11

Even more changes are coming to Microsoft Copilot for Windows version 24H2, starting with the Copilot button being moved to the upper right corner of the Taskbar. The Copilot interface should be simpler for users to access because they may simply click in the corner to open it.

Furthermore, version 24H2 adds a new “Copilot in Windows” feature to the Settings app that lets users enable or disable the Copilot UI from starting at startup on large-screen PCs, as well as adjust third-party plugins and chat providers.

Windows 11 (Version 24H2): Quick Layouts

Windows 11

Microsoft is currently developing additional Windows Snap Layouts enhancements. According to the business, a new feature of version 24H2 will utilize machine learning to recognize apps that are regularly snapped and show them as choices in the Snap Layout interface when a user hovers over the maximize button on an app window.

Microsoft Edge is one such app. For example, when you open the Snap Layouts menu in one of those apps, you will be able to snap Notepad and Edge side by side with just one click, rather than being prompted to snap the second app of your choosing.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 layout

Snap Layouts for Windows are getting more features from Microsoft. The business is launching a new feature in Windows 11 24H2, which recognizes programs that are frequently snapped by using machine learning. When a user hovers over an app window’s maximize button, the Snap Layout interface automatically suggests these frequently used applications.

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File Explorer

Microsoft is making more changes to the File Explorer application in Windows 11 version 24H2 with every new edition of Windows. With this upgrade, in addition to ZIP files, compressed archive files in the 7zip and TAR formats can now be created.

Version 24H2 adds the ability to create these archive files, in contrast to version 23H2, which only permitted their extraction. Microsoft also emphasizes how opening big ZIP files in File Explorer now performs better.

Additionally, PNG files now allow metadata editing and reading. To improve the overall functionality of working with PNG files, users can add keywords, modify the description of a PNG file, and assign a star rating in the properties dialog.

Quick Settings

The Quick Settings panel on the Windows taskbar has been altered by Microsoft in this edition. Instead of having a manually chosen subset, users may now scroll through all of the quick options that are available on their PC thanks to the paginated Quick options interface. Clicking and dragging settings still allows users to change their arrangement.

Windows 11 setting

A new refresh button has been added to the Quick Settings panel’s Wi-Fi list, which when touched, updates the Wi-Fi list. In order to facilitate one-click activation and deactivation, a new split toggle has been added to the Quick Settings panel for users using Windows VPNs.

Last but not least, Microsoft has improved the Quick Settings panel’s efficiency, cutting down on how long it takes to launch, especially the first time after a system reboot.

Other New Features

Numerous basic quality-of-life enhancements are brought about by Windows 11 24H2. A handy Install drivers button on the Wi-Fi setup page during the out-of-the-box experience is presently being tested by Microsoft. System builders who want to install Windows without any hassles and without having to deal with drivers will find this capability especially helpful.

Microsoft is also simplifying the OS picture with this update by deactivating a number of Windows programs that are installed by default. Pre-installed apps will no longer include Cortana, Mail, Calendar, Maps, People, and Movies & TV. WordPad will also be eliminated in a subsequent release.

A minor Wi-Fi icon animation has been added to the Taskbar to provide visual cues when a user connects to a Wi-Fi network. Connectivity problems can now be rapidly resolved by users by right-clicking the icon, which opens a shortcut context menu for diagnosing network issues.

The Windows protected print mode feature, which allows PCs to only print using the Windows modern print stack, is another noteworthy improvement. This feature ensures a flawless printing experience by removing the need for third-party software installers and only working with printers that have received Mopria certification.

These are the new features in Windows 11 24H2.

Window 11: File Explore, 24H2

Windows 11 24H2 UPDATES

Microsoft is continuously making changes to the File Explorer software, version 24H2, just like they do with every new version of Windows. This release adds functionality for producing 7zip and TAR compressed archive files in addition to ZIP files. The 23H2 release allows these archive files to be extracted even though they can’t be produced. Furthermore, Microsoft states that it has improved File Explorer’s speed for opening large ZIP files.

Moreover, PNG files now support reading and editing of metadata. In the properties dialog, users can now add keywords, change the description of a PNG file, and rate it with stars.

Version 24H2 of Windows 11: Phone Link

Major updates to Windows Phone Link in Windows 11 24H2 are anticipated from Microsoft. This includes the ability to mimic Mac and iPhone interactions by using a linked phone as a webcam.

Furthermore, version 24H2 will come with a new settings page designed especially for mobile devices. This website allows users to adjust their PC-connected phones and discontinue Phone Link services if needed.

Windows 11 new version

Version 24H2 of Phone Link for Windows is anticipated to bring significant enhancements from Microsoft, one of them being the capability to utilize a linked phone as a webcam, akin to the connection between the iPhone and Mac.

Users will be able to configure their linked phones and disable Phone Link services when not in use using the new settings page for mobile devices included in version 24H2.

Gaming Galore: Direct Storage and Auto HDR

Windows 11 upgrade

Gamers, celebrate! Windows 11 is designed to improve your gaming. Direct Storage’s sophisticated NVMe SSDs allow it to dramatically reduce load times. How about Auto HDR? It enhances the brilliant images and vivid colors of your games to create a more immersive experience, much like a magic wand for games.

Window 11 Version 24H2: Energy Saver

Windows 11 energy saver

Microsoft is updating the power and battery saver options in version 24H2, introducing a new “Energy Saver” mode that functions on PCs with or without batteries.

Thanks to the new Energy Saver mode, which reduces system performance, your PC will consume less energy. By doing this, desktop PC power consumption from the wall should be reduced, and laptop battery life should increase.

Additionally, when switched on, desktop computers will show an energy-saving symbol in the system tray that looks like the battery life indicator on a laptop but doesn’t show the battery %. Reduce your carbon impact with Energy Saver by optimizing your PC’s energy efficiency.

In the Power & battery section of the updated Settings app, Microsoft has also introduced new power settings. Now, you can adjust the lid and power button controls. You can even customize the time at which your computer goes into hibernation. Before, the only way to customize these controls was to use the original Control Panel application.

How Can Windows 11 Deleted Files Be Recovered?

Windows 11 deleted files restore

Initially, you can use the Recycle Bin to recover a deleted file. On the other hand, if the file has been permanently deleted, you cannot find it in the Recycle Bin. If so, retrieving it will require the use of data recovery tools.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best free data recovery software available for Windows, and it’s definitely worth a go. Files from hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash devices can all be recovered using this data recovery tool. Just use this tool to restore files if they haven’t been overwritten by new information.

Conclusion: Windows 11 – More Than an OS, It’s the Future

As we wrap up our journey through the awesomeness of Windows 11, it’s clear that Microsoft isn’t just releasing a new operating system. They’re giving us a glimpse into the future of computers – where AI isn’t just a buzzword but an integral part of our daily lives. Windows 11 isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a peek into the exciting possibilities of AI-infused technology. So, buckle up, tech enthusiasts, because the future is here, and it’s called Windows 11.

Version 24H2 of Windows 11 is anticipated to be a significant release with more apparent AI features. You should be aware that Windows 11 24H2 is an anticipated upgrade after seeing its new features. Together, let’s look forward to it.

In conclusion, it is predicted that the release of Windows 11 version 24H2 will not occur until late in 2024. As early as June, certain next-generation AI PCs may come with version 24H2 preloaded. It is anticipated that existing Windows 11 users will be able to get the update beginning in September, after it is deemed complete.

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