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Download Angry Birds Mod APK: Hi there, friends in the gaming community! You’re going to have a great time if you’re searching for nonstop entertainment. I’m assuming you’ve heard of Angry Birds. With the recently released Angry Birds APK mod on, you may now enjoy the excitement like never before, so hold onto your feathers. Let’s explore the reasons why you really must play this game.


  • DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Latest Version 3.18.4
  • Last Updated 2024-01-18
  • Category Casual

Download Angry Birds Mod APK

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Playing Angry Birds Well

Know your birds.
 As you progress, you will earn new birds with different abilities. Each of these birds has a different ability that can be used strategically. Know what each bird does and how to use them. The different bird types and their abilities are as follows:

  • Red bird: This bird is simply called Red. In the original Angry Birds, the red bird had no special abilities. In Angry Birds 2, the red bird emits a war cry that knocks down structures in front of it when you tap the screen.
  • Blue bird: This bird is Blues. Tap the screen and it becomes three mini-birds that spread out as they fly. This bird is best for breaking glass.
  • Yellow bird: This bird is named Chuck. This bird gets a speed boost when you tap the screen. This gives the bird more force and makes the flight trajectory slightly longer. This bird works best on wood.
  • Black bird: This bird is called Bomb. This bird explodes when you tap the screen. Let it hit an obstacle and after a short time delay it will explode. This bird works best on stone. In the Short Fuse update, instead of exploding, he sends out a very deadly shockwave that electrocutes pigs nearby.
  • White bird: This bird is Matilda. Tap the screen and she will drop an explosive egg. If done right, the corpse will fly off and potentially cause additional damage. This bird also works best on stone.
  • Green bird: This bird is named Hal. Tap the screen and it will fly back in a reverse direction like a boomerang.
  • Big red bird: This bird is named Terrance. Similar to the red bird, but bigger in size and more powerful.
  • Orange Bird: This bird is named Bubbles. It starts very small and tiny, but inflates to a large size when you tap the screen.
  • Pink bird: This bird is named Stella. She levitates objects with bubbles when you tap the screen. Use her to disrupt the bottoms of tall towers.
  • Silver: Silver is a new bird introduced in Angry Birds 2. It is silver or grey colored. Silver does a loop and then dive-bombs straight down when you tap the screen.

angry birds 2

  • Observe the entire level. Before launching your feathered army, have a clear look at the entire stage. See how many pigs are there. Check for a structure’s weak points. What are the obstacles in the way of the pigs? Don’t just go rushing your way to finish a stage — observe first.

angry birds 2

  • Know where to attack. Use structures and surroundings to attack the pigs, rather than attack the pigs directly. If there is a tower with lots of pigs, look for a weak spot (such as glass, wood, or explosives) you can use the knock the tower down and take them all out at the same time. Look for ways to take out multiple pigs at once.

angry birds 2

  • Watch out for explosives. Most of the time, Angry Birds stages have TNTs or dynamite crates. These explosives can be of good use to you for they can clear obstacles when hit. These TNTs are strategically located where they can affect the environment when hit. Consider targeting TNT when an obstacle seems impossible to be destroyed by mere birds.
  • Explosives usually have boulders near them or other explosives for maximum damage to the structures around them. If this is the case, it is most likely that you need to target this TNT to clear a stage.

angry birds 2

  • Use the trajectory guide. When you launch one of your birds, it will leave a trajectory line. You can use this trajectory line as a guide on the correct direction where you should launch your next bird. This is very helpful to make every bird land on the target you’re aiming at.

angry birds 2

  • Try again. It is almost sure that you won’t be able to clear all stages in just one try. Sometimes you fail — especially on the later stages of the game. If this happens, don’t lose heart and try again. There is no limit on how many times you can play a stage. Learn from your mistake and do better on your next try.
  • Sometimes when it’s obviously impossible for you to clear the stage, it’s advisable to just hit that Try Again button just to save time and try again.


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