Download Duflex APK(Media Player) For Android-Free!

Download Duflex APK a media player from CRTVAPPS. With this multimedia program, you may watch videos on your Android phones, tablets, and smart TVs. Apart from viewing IPTV content, users have the ability to create and customize a playlist consisting of their favorite videos, which they may play in any order. But remember that the app is only a media player. Since nothing is included, you will have to upload your playlist.

How do you make use of the app?

Users can play video playlists with Duflex. It may be used to create media content and even customize it for easy accessibility. One of the many useful features of the app is resume playback, which lets you use the time slider to go to a specified spot or resume where you left off each time. Furthermore, the application provides a variety of audio tracks and embedded subtitles from which you can choose to personalize the configuration to your liking.

You will need to supply the material as Duflex app does not have any. Press the Add Playlist button on the home screen. After that, the program will provide you management instructions and other details, such the device ID, device key, and URL, to help you organize your playlists. Open your web browser to the given URL, then enter the necessary data. To begin constructing your playlist, click Manage Playlists and choose Add Playlist. A window requesting playlist information will open. After this is done, click Save.

Following that, you may begin creating playlists of videos and reloading the application to enable playlist updates. Duflex app is not a free app, even if it offers a seven-day free trial. It’s critical to remember this. After then, to begin the application procedure, a little fee must be paid. Not only that, but an additional subscription is required if you wish to use it to watch IPTV channels.

Technical Specification Of Duflex APK:-

NameDuflex APK
 Operating SystemAndroid 9.0
 Size15.1 MB
 Last UpdateJul 11, 2023
duflex app

Key Features Of Duflex APK:-

  • Select Different Audio and Subtitles: Duflex has you covered if you prefer to watch TV in multiple languages or if you require subtitles. To suit your preferences, you can easily flip between audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Pick Up Where You Left Off: The program remembers where you stopped watching and allows you to pick up where you left off, saving you the trouble.
  • Fast-Forward to Exactly Where You Want: You can rapidly advance to a certain section of a video by using the time slider on the app.
  • Organize Your Selections: For convenience, you can gather your most-watched films and TV series in one location.
  • Playlist Search: You can easily locate a specific song in your playlist with Duflex playlist search tool.

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How do I install Duflex ?

Getting Duflex app up and running is simple. First, download the Duflex APK file from this page. This is the file you need to install the app. Once you have it, transfer the file to your Android device. You can use a USB cable or any method you prefer for this. After transferring, use your device’s file manager to find the file and tap on it to start installing. Just follow the steps on your screen, and you’ll have Duflex ready to go in no time.

Is Duflex free of charge?

Duflex provides a free seven-day trial during which you can test all of its features. However, bear in mind that it isn’t entirely free. After the trial period expires, there will be a modest fee to use the app going forward. Additionally, using Duflex to watch IPTV channels will require a new subscription. All you have to do is get an IPTV subscription, enter your details into Duflex, and you’re ready to start.

With Duflex app, viewing TV is more structured and pleasurable. Whether you’re a regular TV watcher or just want to check in occasionally, Duflex makes it easy to find and enjoy entertainment.


To sum up, the Duflex App revolutionizes task management by providing a complete solution to increase productivity and streamline processes. Due to its feature-rich features and intuitive design, Duflex helps users stay focused and productive by making it easier to manage projects, deadlines, and priorities. Duflex assists with everything from planning to communication, including to-do lists, reminders, and team collaboration. Because of its adaptable architecture and customizable characteristics, it can accommodate a range of tastes and requirements while providing a customized user experience. Duflex offers real-time updates and insights as users complete their tasks, facilitating prompt and informed response. With Duflex, users may take advantage of opportunities and overcome obstacles by utilizing technology, which makes reaching goals easier and more satisfying. Duflex is an efficient tool that helps users succeed one task at a time in a world where time is of the essence.

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