Download MIUI Dialer APK For Android-Free!

Download MIUI Dialer APK a smartphone software developed by Xiaomi. It makes phone calls and contact management easier on Xiaomi phones. This application is a part of MIUI, Xiaomi’s Android operating system. This program has a straightforward UI with lots of personalization choices. With the app, all of your contacts are collected in one place. You can find it there when you buy Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi also makes sure that the dialer is updated on a regular basis.
 It comes with visual tweaks and various extra features to let users customize it to their liking.

Just like other dialer apps, such as Realme Dialer or OnePlus Dialer, Xiaomi Contacts and dialer aims to build upon the stock calling experience that comes from Android and to be more in line with MIUI in terms of presentation and utility. It’s also directly updated by Xioami itself.

Technical Specification Of Miui Dialer APK:-

NameMiui Dialer APK
 PublisherXiaomi Inc
 Operating SystemAndroid
 Size21 MB
 Last UpdateMay 23, 2023

Xiaomi’s viewpoint toward calling

Compared to the stock Android phone software, Xiaomi Contacts and Dialer provide a more modern and simplified user experience. It compiles contacts from multiple sources, such as SIM cards and email addresses, and presents your preferences and contact list in a tabular format. It also provides a number of customization choices, including the ability to tone the app and set up unique notifications and graphics for every user.

But what really makes this dialer app stand out is its feature set. Use the Flip to Silence function or switch on the call notification light if you’re in a meeting. You can set up automatic redial in case no one picks up right away, or you can opt to get missed call alerts. You can record calls using the Call Recording feature as well.

In addition, there is a Note button that allows you to quickly launch the MIUI Notes app and take notes while using a phone. Additional notable features include call banning and forwarding, which vary depending on your service provider. It goes without saying that this MIUI overlay app is only compatible with Xiaomi-branded smartphones.

Click On Below Button To Get The APK

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How To Install MIUI Dialer APK:-

You need enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
1. Click on the above link to download MIUI Dialer APK.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away.

miui dialer apk

Some Incredible Features Of MIUI Dialer APK:-

  • Easy Call Recording : One useful feature of MI Dialer APK for Android 13 is call recording. You can now use this to record your phone calls. Call recording can be useful if you need to remember whatever someone said or if you need to keep track of important details. Using the app makes recording easy. You can start recording a call by tapping a button on the screen.
  • Observations During Phone Calls with Redmi The MIUI Dialer APK’s note feature comes in handy during calls. Maybe you need to recall anything that was told to you throughout the conversation. You can tap the Note button to open the MIUI Notes app while on the call. This lets you continue to see the call screen while taking notes. Using it makes taking notes on the phone much easier.
  • Switch to Silent : Another ingenious design feature of MI Dialer MIUI 14 is the Flip to Silence feature. Turning it over will quiet your phone when it calls while you are engaged in anything else, like a conference. You may quickly switch off the sound on your phone with this feature without pressing any buttons.
  • Customized Caller Experience :You may also use the Xiaomi Dialer APK MIUI 14 to personalize your calling experience. You may give each contact a unique visual and sound, so you can identify who is calling without even looking at your contacts list. You may also use themes to alter the app’s appearance by choosing the color scheme and dialer style that you want.

Creative Applications of the MI Dialer Link MIUI 14

  • Numerous Contact Sources: The application lets you access contacts from a variety of sources, including email accounts and SIM cards, in one place. This will save you time in your search for people.
  • Silence with a Gesture: To activate the “Flip to Silence” feature when a call comes in, just turn your phone face down. No settings need to be changed.
  • Automatic Redial: If someone doesn’t answer, you can program automatic redial to call them again. The dialer rings again for you.
  • Customize Alerts: Give friends and acquaintances unique ringtones. This facilitates the process of recognizing the caller simply by listening.
  • Creating Groups: Group your contacts into categories like “Work” or “Family” to expedite the process of finding and connecting with them.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Nice Design: The MI Dialer MIUI 14 has a sleek, contemporary appearance that enhances the enjoyment of using your phone.
  • Rich in functions: It offers a plethora of additional useful functions that aren’t often included in other phone apps.
  • Xiaomi Support: Since Xiaomi developed and maintains the app, it receives regular updates with new features and bug fixes.


  • Exclusive to Xiaomi The app is only compatible with Xiaomi devices, therefore you can’t use it if you don’t own one.
  • Might Become Complicated: Some people may find it too difficult to handle given the abundance of features.


MI Dialer stands out with its nice look and extra things it does. It brings together all the best bits of making calls on Xiaomi devices. You get strong connection tools without needing any other app.

Now let’s say you found this interesting and want to try it. The next step is easy: Just download MI Dialer MIUI 14 for Android 13 and start exploring its features. And keep an eye out for updates from Xiaomi to make sure you have the latest tools for calling and managing your contacts.

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