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Download This War of Mine APK: The most complicated thing in the world, humanity contains both good and bad aspects. When up against the merciless battle, do you choose survival over morality?-

This War of Mine APK

The most complex thing in the world is human nature, with its dual aspects of light and evil. Polish game developer Bit Stud Phone used this to his advantage to produce military of Mine, a horizontal military game that tests your ability to think strategically. The game was set in the 1992–1995 Bosnian War, and players took on the role of defenseless refugees under ruthless fire rather than well-equipped military. You will need to search every inch of this destroyed city for resources if you hope to survive this conflict.

The objective of the game is to assist the three surviving survivors in surviving this war. The game is based on actual life and has realistic system settings. It opens in a run-down house. Despite its deterioration, the house serves as a haven for certain things. To begin the game, choose one of the three characters, then click on the palmprint icon inside the home to reveal some helpful items. Because of the lack of materials, these objects can be utilized to manufacture various everyday essentials. Additionally, the game does not have to start preserving the set’s progress, allowing me to go step-by-step without worrying that I’ll make a mistake.

Download This War of Mine APK

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General information

 App NameThis War of Mine
 Publisher11 bit studios
 Latest Version1.6.2 b970
 MOD InfoUnlocked All DLC

Key Feature

  • Intoxicating setting design combined with exhilarating survival gameplay to engross players in a heartbreaking plot.
  • Traveling with an honorable father figure and his family is a wonderful story with an engaging plot that draws players in deeply.
  • In an era of war, an interactive environment guides players through terrifying and chaotic scenarios while providing a genuine gaming experience.
  • Sustain personal status to advance the plot and even protect the family by trading or using everything that may be discovered nearby.
  • Extremely strong feelings based on decisions made when interacting with the NPC or nearby residents that have hidden, dangerous options that have an impact on the overall operations.

Mod info

Mod V1.6.2 features

  • Free Download

Mod V1.5.10 features

  • Note: If the gray screen state occurs, or prompts you need Google, causing the interface card to stay in the game, please click on the phone to bring back the key. Unlock payment content 2. Free purchase game

Mod V1.5.7 features

  • Note: If the gray screen appears the state or prompted google, leading to not get stuck in the game interface, click the phone comes back key 1. Unlock paid content 2. Buy the game free

Mod V1.5.5 features

  • Unlock the premium content
    Note: this version only supports Qualcomm CPU, if not the Qualcomm CPU, please In button search this is my war, there are generic versions available.

Mod V1.4.3 features

  • The game has to unlock paid content, this version of the high-pass version may only support Qualcomm CPU. If you enter the game a black screen please try to off the network by pressing the Back key

Mod V1.4.0 features

  • Unlocked
    Purchased paid content (addition The Little Ones).

Mod V1.3.9 features

  • Unlocked

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Download This War of Mine APK For Android


The This combat of Mine APK for Android, which is available on, gives players a fantastic opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the emotionally and morally complicated realm of combat survival. This War of Mine enthralls players and forces them to face the brutal reality of war with its compelling plot, challenging gameplay, and striking graphics. Users can enjoy this potent gaming experience at their fingertips thanks to convenient game access. Thus, download the This War of Mine APK right away to start an adventure that will test your morality and change the way you play games forever.