GitHub v3.3.6 Download For Windows PC!

GitHub V3.3.6 Desktop is a Windows application that functions as a client for the popular open-source software repository, GitHub. It has an intuitive interface created in the Windows 8 metro style and has a variety of expected functions. You can easily accomplish things like creating repositories without using commands thanks to the simple drag-and-drop capability.

Technical Specs Of GitHub V3.3.6

PlatformWeb-based platform
Development LanguageMostly written in Ruby and JavaScript
Supported BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera
DatabaseMySQL, Redis
APIRESTful API with JSON responses
AuthenticationOAuth, OAuth 2.0, Personal Access Tokens

About GitHub

GitHub Desktop is completely integrated with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, allowing developers to synchronize branches, clone repositories, and contribute to projects. It has useful features including pull requests, merge buttons, fork queues, issues, pages, and wikis, which make collaboration and code sharing easier.

The software simplifies project management by presenting all of your active projects in the sidebar. You can create new repositories or clone existing ones directly on Branching is simplified, allowing you to suggest changes, evaluate code, and create or switch between branches with ease.

A visible diff of your modifications allows you to choose individual files or lines, making it easier to create the perfect commit. Enter the summary and description, then commit your changes effortlessly. Synchronizing branches is now a single operation, with the sync button pushing your modifications and pulling down updates from others.

GitHub Desktop also makes repository cloning easy with a single click, automatically associating repositories with your organizations. If you want to download a repository from, a dedicated button on the website makes it easy.

Key Features Of GitHub

  • Start a project: The sidebar lists all of the projects you’re currently working on. If you’re starting a new project, utilize the repository drop-down menu to either create a new repository or clone an existing one from
  • Branch off: Branches are vital for proposing changes and reviewing code on GitHub, and they are always visible in the upper left corner of the repository view. Simply select the current branch to switch or create a new one.
  • Craft the right commitment: View a diff of your uncommitted changes, and create the ideal commit by picking the files—or even individual lines—that comprise a change. Enter your summary and description, then commit.
  • View your history: Visualize your changes and commits with the comparison graph. The graph allows you to go through the history of your local branches by selecting commits.
  • Create a pull request: Once you’re satisfied with your changes, you can submit a pull request for review and discussion without leaving the GitHub Desktop or using the command line.
  • Merge and deploy: Browse commits on local and remote branches to quickly identify which changes need to be merged. You can also merge your code into the master branch and deploy it directly from the app.

GitHub v3.3.6 Download Link

Bottom Line

GitHub is a vibrant website with millions of users and repositories that form a global network of developers. Accessing it via the desktop app improves the developer experience by allowing them to work with one of the most important industry platforms.

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