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Understand the objective

Usually, your goal in Candy Crush Saga is to clear as many rows and columns as possible in as few moves as possible. You can clear candy pieces from the board by lining up three (or more) in a row, which is accomplished by swapping pieces of candy in order to create three of a kind.

  • The initial objective of Candy Crush Saga is to earn a certain number of points within a certain number of moves.
  • As you proceed through Candy Crush Saga, other objectives (such as reaching a certain score within a time limit or clearing all of a type of candy from the board) will become more common.

Download Candy Crush Saga  ApK Mod

Candy Crush Saga

Review the Candy Crush Saga game board

There are a few key components that you’ll want to pay attention to here:

  • The number at the top of the screen is the number of moves remaining.
  • The progress bar in the upper-left corner of the screen displays your current score.
  • The “Target” number in the upper-right corner of the screen determines your current level’s objective.

Candy Crush Saga

Know the consequences of winning and losing.

Like any game, both winning a level and losing a level have repercussions:

  • Winning a game in Candy Crush Saga unlocks the next level. It can also make available some perks and boosters for your completed levels.
  • Losing a Candy Crush Saga game causes the level to reset, and you’ll also lose a life. While lives automatically regenerate once every ~30 minutes or so, you can only have 5 lives at a time without paying for extra.

Candy Crush

Match sets of 3 or more candies

The game is played by swiping candies, in any direction (so long as it is not blocked), to create sets of 3 or more matching candies. When matched, the candies will crush and shift the candies above them, allowing you to accomplish a series of different goals.

Candy Crush

Match more than 3 candies to create combos

While matching 3 candies in a row will clear them from the board, matching more will both clear the candies from the board and create a special candy that can be used to clear additional candies:

  • If you match 4 candies, a special candy will be created which will burst an entire row if matched as part of another set of 3 or more.
  • If you match 5 or more candies in a T or L shape, you will create a wrapped candy. These explode the square of candies surrounding that tile (when matched) and then explode a subsequent 3×3 block wherever they settle.
  • If you match 5 candies in a single row, you’ll a color bomb which resembles a chocolate with sprinkles. When swapped with another candy, color bombs remove all instances of the swapped candy from the board.

Candy Crush Saga

Use your boosters

You can earn a few of the boosters in the beginning of the game. You can also purchase most boosters within the game using actual money. These can help you win a level when you’re too frustrated or unable to continue. Be careful how you use them, however, as you never know when you’ll need one.

  • There are boosters which add moves—such as the lollipop hammer (which crushes the desired candy on the board) and the shuffle candy (which will rearrange the board)—among a number of other boosters. They should be explained as you earn them, though almost all you will have to buy.
Candy Crush Saga

Reach the set goal in the game

Each level will have a “target” score or objective in the upper-right corner of the game board. This can be reaching a specific number of points, destroying a specific set of tiles, or other goals like forcing items to fall to the bottom.

Candy Crush Saga

Pay attention to level tutorials.

 When Candy Crush Saga levels introduce new concepts, they will provide walkthroughs to explain how the new concepts or conventions work. If you don’t know how a level works, the tutorial will most likely explain it.

  • You can always skip the tutorials by clicking or tapping Skip when they appear.

Candy Crush Saga

Progress through the levels

You will play a series of games, each with a different game board and many with different goals, which will progress you across the levels. Beating a level will result in the next level becoming unlocked.


Candy Crush Saga is more than just a game – it’s a captivating journey into a world of sweetness and challenge. With its colorful graphics, engaging gameplay, and endless levels to conquer, it’s no wonder why millions of players worldwide are hooked. Whether you’re looking for a quick dose of entertainment or a longer gaming session, Candy Crush Saga delivers with its addictive charm and rewarding puzzles. So why wait? Dive in, match those candies, and experience the joy of conquering each level one sugary step at a time.

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