How To Avoid Someone On WhatsApp Without Blocking

There are many users around the globe who want to know how to avoid someone on WhatsApp without blocking. One of the reasons for this is there are many people on the contacts who are very respectable, senior, or someone who can’t be said anything easily.

Many people feel annoyed if they give a message now but unfortunately, no one can say anything to them. It is for these problems that I will teach you today a number of ways or methods by which you will be able to easily avoid that person or persons easily.

Most of the WhatsApp users are using now these below methods for themselves so that those people can be easily avoided or ignored without being blocked from the profile. Even when you will ignore them, they may not realize that you are avoiding them.

So, let’s go into more details without further speech.

How To Avoid Someone On WhatsApp Without Blocking

Although, there are many ways available on the whole Internet, but I have shared only 3 workable methods in the below for your convenience. If you follow these methods personally, you can easily ignore those persons without blocking any contact.

By the way, let’s get started now.

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Hide Last Seen

Contacts that annoy you a lot or people you want to hide from, you can now easily hide yourself from those people if you want. For this, you just have to use the Last Seen option to hide your online activity from them. That way they won’t know if you’re online.

As a result, no one will bother you.

To turn off the Last Seen, open the WhatsApp app or software > tap the 3 dot icon and go to the Settings > press the Account > click on the Privacy > hit the Last Seen > select My Contacts and save it. Now, delete that person’s number from your phone contacts.

The person/s won’t disturb you anymore.

Mute Chats

Another way to avoid someone on WhatsApp is the Mute Chats function.

To Mute Chats for the contact, open the WhatsApp PC software or mobile application > open that contact which you want to mute > once opened, click on the contact’s name from the above > toggle on the Mute Notifications option > select Always and press OK.

By doing this, no matter whether the person is texting you, sending you a photo or video, or making an audio or video call, you will not receive any notifications and sounds for this. This is the best method to avoid or ignore any contact as well as a group also.

Archive Contacts

WhatsApp has released an Archive Folder feature in 2021.

This feature basically helps users to ignore a group or friend without blocking. Once you have archived a chat from the contact list, no matter how many messages or phone calls that person makes to you, you will not receive any notifications or anything.

To archive a chat, open the WhatsApp > hold on to a chat or group that you want to archive > tap the Down Arrow Icon that is located next to the 3 dots. You have archived the chat. To unarchive contacts, go to the Archive > select contact and unarchive.

Archiving a chat will allow you to avoid those toxic people.

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You’ve learned how to avoid someone on WhatsApp without blocking easily.

There are many ways available on the Internet to ignore people. However, most people use the above three ways most of the time to avoid the people on this WhatsApp communication platform. That’s why I’ve personally shared these lists with you to know.

Make your life more beautiful than in the past.