How To See Old Instagram Messages That Are Deleted

A lot of people around the world are interested to know how to see old Instagram messages and photos, videos, etc. media files that have been deleted. If you are one of those people, then you are in the right place. Because below I have shared several ways for this issue.

In most cases, users accidentally delete chat of friends, partners, or family members. So, in this case, it is seen that their important chats and files are not found later. Many people are worried about this. But there are a lot of groundbreaking solutions to this problem.

Using which, you will be able to easily view any type of Instagram deleted or older messages and pictures or videos without using any kind of 3rd party tools. Even using these methods, you can see the most recent messages from the birth of your account.

So, let’s find out more details.

How To See Old Instagram Messages Using Mobile

Using Android/iOS or computer, you can easily get all the deleted private messages, files, and other information of account by requesting data from the authority. But for now, in this part, we will learn exactly how to get old conversations using an Android or iPhone.

First Step: Open the Instagram application from your Android or iOS device and tap the small Profile Icon from the bottom right corner.

Second Step: Press the Horizontal Lines Icon from the top right corner.

Third Step: Click on the Settings option.

Fourth Step: Hit the Security button now.

Fifth Step: Scroll down and tap the Download Data.

Sixth Step: Provide that email address in the box which you are using to use this social network service. And press the Request Download button.

Seventh Step: Provide your Password and click on the Next.

Eighth Step: The data will be sent to your email account. So, go to the email account and check is there any email coming from Instagram.

Ninth Step: A ZIP file will be sent to you by email. Once you get the file, download it and unzip the file.

Tenth Step: Install and launch the Json Genie Editor app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on Android or iOS.

Eleventh Step: Go to the Download folder and open the Instagram Data folder.

Twelfth Step: Open the messages.json file.

That’s it.

Now, you will be able to see all the oldest messages of Instagram.

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How To See Old Instagram Messages Using PC

Using a desktop or laptop computer, you will be able to easily see old Instagram messages and photos, videos, and other media files. Just you need a PC, Internet connection, and have to follow the below guideline to get older chatting and other files completely free.

So, check the below tutorial to know how to get them.

1st Task: Go to the Instagram official website using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or other web browsers.

2nd Task: Enter the profile information and click on the Log In button.

3rd Task: Tap on the small Profile Icon that is located at the top right corner.

4th Task: Click on the Profile section now.

5th Task: Press the Setting icon that is located next to the Edit Profile.

6th Task: Select Privacy and Security from all the functions.

7th Task: Here, you will see an option called Request Download. Click on it.

8th Task: Provide your registered email address (that email address you use to use Instagram) and select the JSON except for HTML.

9th Task: Enter your password and tap the Request Download button.

10th Task: The data will be sent to your email account. So, go to the email account and check is there any email coming from Instagram.

11th Task: Once you get it, open the email and download the ZIP file.

12th Task: Unzip the file and open the file to see old messages.

That’s enough.

Follow the same tutorial to see messages that have been deleted.

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You’ve learned how to see old Instagram messages using Android and PC.

People who accidentally delete chats from this social media account will now be able to easily recover all those messages and all media files (photos, videos, voice, etc.) if they want. For this, just follow the 2 or any of the guidelines mentioned above and do it for yourself.

And get every personal and business data or information very easily.