How To Edit A Tweet On Twitter

A lot of people around the world are highly interested to know how to edit a tweet on Twitter without using any other 3rd party tools. Because after making a post, the mistakes of that tweet are obvious to the eyes. This is why many people want to edit them.

But until now, people could not edit their tweets due to the lack of post editing feature. But on 1 April 2022, Twitter’s official account revealed that they were working on an edit feature. Once it hits the market, you can easily edit your tweets without any hassle.

Once the feature is available in all countries, how to edit your own tweets, today’s article is basically about that. From where you can know exactly how to easily edit a post, photo captions, video captions, GIF caption, etc. using Android, iOS, and computer.

By the way, let’s get started with the details now.

How To Edit A Tweet On Android

Using the Android version of the Twitter application, you can easily edit or modify any published tweet if you want. You do not have to get too bothered about this. Just follow the below guideline to learn and do the same thing using your Android smartphone.

Let’s get started now.

First Step: Open the Twitter app from the phone home bar.

Second Step: Tap on the Profile Picture icon that is located in the upper left corner.

Third Step: Press the Profile button.

Fourth Step: Click on the 3 Dot button from the right upper corner of that tweet that you want to edit actually.

Fifth Step: Click on the Edit button.

Sixth Step: Edit or modify the tweet and Save.

That’s all.

In the same way, you can edit all the tweets on Android.

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How To Edit A Tweet On iPhone

There are many people who use iPhone smartphones or iPad tablets. They mainly use the Twitter app on their Apple devices for social connections. If you are also an iPhone user and willing to know how to edit a tweet from iOS, then you should read the below part.

I have shared here how to do it easily.

First Task: Open the Twitter application from the iPhone or iPad.

Second Step: Press the Profile Picture icon from the upper left corner.

Third Step: Enter the Profile now.

Fourth Step: Tap the 3 DOT button from the right upper corner of that tweet that you want to edit.

Fifth Step: Press the Edit now.

Sixth Step: Modify or edit the tweet and click on the Save option.

That’s cool.

In the same way, you can edit all of the tweets on iOS.

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How To Edit Tweet On Computer

If you are a Windows PC, macOS, or Linux user, the below guideline is basically written for you. The below tutorial will teach you how to edit a post on Twitter. Since you do not know how to do it without using any third-party tools, so you should read it from here.

By the way, let’s learn now from here.

First Method: Go to the Twitter official website using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft EDGE from the desktop or laptop PC.

Second Method: Click on the Profile button that is located in the left sidebar.

Third Method: Scroll down and click on the 3 Dot in the right-hand corner of the tweet you want to edit.

Fourth Method: Tap the Edit now.

Fifth Method: Edit or modify the post and hit the Save option.

That’s enough.

In the same way, you can edit all of the tweets on the computer.


You’ve learned how to edit a tweet on Twitter using Android, iOS, or PC.

Just like posts can be published on all types of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, in the same way, if you want the posts, you can also edit them as you wish. This feature has not been available on Twitter until now.

But since they are working on this feature now, you are going to get it soon.