How To Get Deleted Skype Messages Using Mobile And PC

There are many people who accidentally delete chatting and later want to know exactly how to get deleted Skype messages, photos, videos, or other media files. Today’s guideline is written mainly for those people whom you will find a 100% effective solution.

In most cases, many people use this communication platform on Android, iOS, or PC devices for personal and business purposes. But when they delete an important chat due to unavoidable reasons, they often have to suffer. And they want a solution to the problem.

Many types of solutions can be found across the whole Internet, but unfortunately, not all solutions are working perfectly. That is why I have shared below two methods for your convenience which will make it easier for you to see old Skype messages or conversations.

So, let’s go into more detail about how to retrieve old skype messages on Android.

How To Get Deleted Skype Messages Using Android

Using Android and iOS phones or tablets, you can easily find out all the previous chatting information with any person through the Skype app. Not only chatting data, but you will be able to also get all the deleted photos, videos, and other media files easily.

Let’s learn now how to get deleted messages and files.

1st Step: Visit the Skype Data Export official website from your mobile or computer browser.

2nd Step: Enter all the details and tap Next.

3rd Step: Enter the PW and click on the Sign In button.

4th Step: Press the Conversations now.

5th Step: At the bottom, you will see an option named Submit Request, just click on it.

6th Step: Tap the Continue button.

7th Step: You will now get a backup file which you have to download by clicking on the Download button.

8th Step: Now, see the oldest messages of this communication platform.

That’s all.

Follow the above guide to view old messages or recover deleted Skype messages.

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How To See Old Skype Messages Using PC

If you have a desktop or laptop computer and Internet connection at the moment, you will be able to easily view any deleted old message from the PC using the web version or Skype software. Just you need to power on the computer and have to follow the below guide.

By the way, let’s learn how to do it easily.

First Step: Go to Google and search for the Skype Old Version software for your desktop or laptop PC.

Second Step: Once you got the older version, download, install, and launch it.

Third Step: Login to this video and audio communicating platform by providing your Email Address and Password.

Fourth Step: Click on the Menu section and go to Contacts.

Fifth Step: Open the chat of the person you want to view the old messages. If you do not find him or her in the app’s home bar, use the search option.

Sixth Step: Now, tap on the Menu section of the Contact and press the Conversation button.

Seventh Step: Here, you’ll find an option called View Old Messages. Just tap on it.

Eighth Step: Select Yesterday, 7 days, 30 Days, or the Unlimited option to view the older chatting and media files.

That’s enough.

Follow the above tutorial to view old messages using a PC.

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Finally, you’ve learned how to get deleted Skype messages and other media files.

I would personally recommend you back up all your personal or business data or information from the Skype application or software in advance and upload them to Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, or any other online storage. By doing this, you won’t lose anything.

And if lose anything, follow the above guideline just.