How To See YouTube Analytics For Other Channels Free

There are many people who want to know how to see YouTube analytics for other channels free. Technically, it’s not possible to view other people’s YT channels’ personal data or information. But there are some of the best 3rd party tools to view data.

This article is about the use of third-party tools that will help to see the analytics data of any YouTube channel in the world. At the same time, use that data to improve your own channel. Users in particular use these tools to view data from their competitors.

Since you are also a YouTuber or want to be a YouTuber, so I recommend you read the whole article to understand how to use the analytics tools to see more depth information or data on competitor YouTube channels without spending any kind of money.

Let’s discuss this in more detail, however.

How To See YouTube Analytics For Other Channels Free

There are a lot of analytics tools in the current market that can be used to get ideas for YouTube channels completely free. I have discussed a few of the tools in detail for you. Since you also want to view others’ data, so you should check it.

By the way, let’s get started now.

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Social Blade

Social Blade is basically an American website that can be used to get statistics and analytics of YouTube video sharing platform as well as other social (Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Trovo, Dailymotion, DLive, Mixer, and StoryFire) platforms.

If you use the Social Blade, you’ll get the YouTube channel stats such as total videos, subscribers, video views, country, channel type, account created date, etc. At the same time, you’ll know the estimated monthly earnings and estimated yearly earnings easily.

Get also statistics for the date, subscribers, video views, and estimated earnings monthly.


VidIQ is another platform that can be used to see YouTube analytics for other channels without any hassle. Basically, you have to use the Google Chrome extension to view other competitors’ data. After that, you’ll get free insights from other YT channels easily.

This platform shows scores, views, and views per hour. Also, you can know the number of videos likes and FB likes. VidIQ also shows the data of SEO such as title, description, tags, cards, end screens, pinned comments, and other information completely free.

People basically use this tool to get other YouTube channel TAGS.


Most of the users are using the TubeBuddy extension to grow their YouTube channel faster. It helps to find searchable video topics and perfect titles as well as tags of other videos. By doing this, you will get those keywords to use them on your own videos.

It’ll allow you to SEO your videos without much effort so that your videos come up again and again in the feed of the users and they can watch them. All in all, this TubeBuddy tool will help you to rank higher in the search results of YouTube as well as Google.

This tool has around 3.5 million YouTube channels analytics data in the database.

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You have learned how to see YouTube analytics for other channels free.

By looking at data or information from other YT channels, you can easily learn exactly how to improve the growth of your own channel. You can also use the latest version of the YouTube Studio application or web version to view all the data in your own channel.

So, get a lot of views and become a premium advertisement publisher.